Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Breakfast Taco Too Many

Bonjour, mes amies! I'm in high spirits today and have no idea why.. especially considering the fact that one week from today I will be sitting in a tres uncomfortable plastic chair in the loathed Crockett Center, starting Day #1 of the BAR exam. I know i've said it before but.. 3 days, really?!?!? Is that NECESSARY??? Anyway, i woke up early for the first time in weeks and managed to shower, dress, and drop Miss Lola off at the vet before arriving here at school. (poor darling is getting spayed today!) I have a long day ahead of me here (and probably @ a coffeeshop later), and it's nice to not have to worry about Lola and going home to walk/feed her. My mother is officially over having the cats, which is fine b/c after all, they are MY cats and MY responsibility. My post-bar goals include a massive decluttering/organizing/overhaul of my apartment, and that will include making space for 2 cats and 1 dog to live comfortably avec moi. It can be done!

Treated myself to two delicious breakfast tacos this morning. If you're not from Austin, you may not be aware of what a breakfast taco entails. It's a bit of an Austin specialty i've come to realize, but is tres easy to make yourself. Bacon, egg, and cheese in a tortilla... not hard! My faves include the aforementioned bacon/egg/cheese combo, as well as a migas-style. I had one of each this morning, and that was one too many... i'm stuffed! But at least that'll keep me full for awhile. Hate thinking about what to eat when in study-mode - takes too much time.

One of the reasons for my good mood is that after Momma Park's short but sweet visit Sunday, i did a little centering and realized that i CAN have peace of mind about this exam. Regardless of what happens, i know that things will be FINE. Isn't that the story of my life after all? 3 miserable years of law school and less than stellar grades and yet still i somehow landed a great job here in Austin? It's truly a blessing, and i thank God everyday for giving me this seemingly undeserved opportunity. Besides, i've actually studied and worked for this exam, so at least i'll know that i put in my effort. If things don't work out, they don't work out. And life goes on! I've lived with far too much FEAR, and honestly, i think it's just a waste of my time. (And yours, probably!)

Mmkay MUST start working, but i'll leave you with this hilarious e-card my BFF Judd (also studying for the BAR) sent me yesterday. Definitely laughed out loud in the library! http://www.someecards.com/viewcard/1463a0267ca30926f810d7ce1e15414a

xoxo darlings,

Friday, July 11, 2008


Nuff said.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th aka Pity Party for One

Bonjour, friends. I hope everyone's having a lovely 4th of July... BBQ-ing, hanging by the pool or if you're lucky, the lake, watching fireworks w/ loved ones.. My 4th hasn't started in the best way. I woke up feeling ICKY - there's just no other word for it. Took Lola out and then headed straight back to bed in the hopes that a couple more hours of sleep would help. It didn't. Had to cancel my personal training session and then spent the next 4 hours either on daybed in the salon (fancy word for my living room!) or in my comfy bed. Lola was snuggled up right next to me the entire time. Ugh quel pity party. Since then i've managed to get up, take miss Lola out again, and eat. Now i'm finishing up my paper so i can be DONE with summer school and can focus on Le Bar. Planning to do a makeup Bankruptcy lecture tonight if i can stomach it (literally, my tummy is not happy these days). Also hope to soak in a nice bath... Wish i could do something creative to cheer myself up, but i feel guilty not studying. So it's either resting, in the attempt to feel better so i can get more work done later, or being achey and doing work anyway. Sigh.

I do hope your 4th is better than mine. Only 3 1/2 more weeks of this!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

muppin is bad cat!

This is the email to which i woke up. It's from my dear mother... (Muppin = Muffin, my female cat):

Hi miyun !

are you study right now?
i want to call you , i don't want to interrupt your study so am sending email.
guess what muppin did just while a ago.
i was lying down couch try to relax , watch t.v. with a little blanket over my body,
and muppin jump over top of mommy try to lay down, and little later i felt wet.
you know what she did, she pee on me.
don't laugh!!!!!
love mom.