Thursday, July 3, 2008

muppin is bad cat!

This is the email to which i woke up. It's from my dear mother... (Muppin = Muffin, my female cat):

Hi miyun !

are you study right now?
i want to call you , i don't want to interrupt your study so am sending email.
guess what muppin did just while a ago.
i was lying down couch try to relax , watch t.v. with a little blanket over my body,
and muppin jump over top of mommy try to lay down, and little later i felt wet.
you know what she did, she pee on me.
don't laugh!!!!!
love mom.



Anonymous said...

HAHAHA. that is hilarious. muffin is a bit of a devil, isnt he?

Abby said...

hahahhahahahaha omg i think i just laughed so hard that I myself feel a little wet...

Alia said...

super cute email from your mom :-)

you may want to have muppin checked out though...if she's usually good about the litterbox and has started peeing elsewhere, there could be something wrong :-(

Anonymous said...

lol...oh man, i miss your mom! so cute!