Saturday, February 28, 2009

Temper Tantrums

Good morning, mes amies! I am thrilled to be up at this hour and not wanting to die. After all, aren't Saturday mornings meant for sleeping in? Hmm maybe that's Sunday mornings... In any case, i was up before my alarm even went off, and I feel pretty well rested. I hate to say it but i've kept the TV off in my bedroom for the past week, and i think it has really helped me pass out as soon as I hit the sheets. Anyway, coffee's brewing, oatmeal is um.. rising? thickening?, and i'm about to change into my workout gear. Have to drop Lola at the groomer's and then meet up with dear Deb for my very first spin class. Hope i don't die!

One of my life resolutions is to always be a nicer person, kill them with kindness type thing, you know? The Park women are notorious for having violent tempers, and despite the fact that mine's definitely not as bad as my mother's and sister's, it's still on a rather short fuse. Yesterday post CLE (continuing legal education or something like that), i visited Fetish, a darling boutique in Austin i've only frequented once as once was enough to show me that i couldn't afford a darn thing in there. We're talking straight off the pages of Elle magazine. Well i heard they were going out of business and were therefore having major sales so i decided to stop by while in the neighborhood. Turns out i walked in on their VERY LAST DAY, and ALL items were 85% OFF. In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I DIE." Excitedly i began trying on a number of different shoes (Pour la Victoire, DVF, Charles David..) and as i asked questions, etc. i couldn't help but notice the unforgivably rude salesperson. He was probably mid-thirties, gay, and wearing pair of black lace-up platform booties. These type of men usually adore me! But no. He gave me serious attitude, was condescending, and made it very clear that he was not interested in "waiting" on me. Ok... i wasn't going to let this guy ruin my 85% off DVF heels mood. So i tolerated it, EVEN when he gave me serious attitude when i asked why they were closing. UGH. I'm a LAWYER you piece of crap! Just because i'm dressed like a student today doesn't mean you can treat me like some silly sorority girl. It's the only time i've wanted to pull out the lawyer card. Ugh. Still i persevered, paid for my ridiculously cheap designer shoes, and walked out. Well apparently that little episode must've stayed with me because later that night i met J at the mall for our movie date and popped into Nordstrom to ask for some free heel grips. The salesperson (another guy, definitely not gay) gave me a weird look and just the tiniest bit of 'tude when i described them. Apparently i was wrong and they only had ONE kind and had ever only had ONE kind. Really, then why the hell did the last person give TWO DIFFERENT KINDS and WHY ARE YOU ARGUING WITH ME FOR NO REASON JUST GO GET THE DAMN HEEL GRIPS?!?!!?!?! Sigh. When he walked back to finally get them, J looked at me and laughed and i couldn't help but make a rather b*tchy remark that may have included a bad word that i ONLY use on occasions in which i'm really ticked. Um well immediately after the entire transaction took place and as we were walking away, we saw a salesgirl who had been nearby start talking about me to the aforementioned sales guy and well, i know what they were saying/thinking. And i agree, it wasn't my finest moment. But i was so sick of salespeople giving me attitude for NO REASON. If i give it to you first, then i understand completely, but when i'm being perfectly nice and you start it, well, it's harder for me to take the nice road.

Still... i know salespoeple, like anyone else, have bad days, and i really shouldn't let it get to me. I immediately regretted being rude to the Nordstrom guy, and God knows i hate being called a b*tch behind my back, but i just have to let it go and hope that in the future, i can control my temper. So here's to being a better person. :-)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mean Reds

It's one of those days... i've a bad case of the mean reds. (I never understood why Holly Golightly ever got the mean reds b/c if i looked that good, i'd be the happiest person alive!) It all started with a harmless conversation i had last night with a dear friend Re: our bodies and how they've changed since college (we were suitemates freshman year of college). Inevitably that led to even more depressing conversation about my body and my weight and before i knew it i was on my laptop frantically searching for old pictures of myself at the ages of 18-21 which was TRES devastating. Needless to say, i'm having a total fat/ugly/badhair and all that kind of day and listening to a rather dull lecture on TX Oil and Gas law. Ugh AND the YSL sample sale on Rue La La just started, and naturally, i want everything and can afford nothing. I know. Boo freaking hoo, get over it you huge baby, you.

Um, on a brighter note, it is Friday and the start of what needs to be a very productive weekend. The TO DO LIST includes: going to my first spin class tomorrow morning, seeing Confessions of a Shopaholic for the fourth (AND FINAL) time (i really wasn't planning on going again but a friend of mine has yet to see it and she asked, so i must obey), running all my errands since i won't be around next weekend, taking Lola to the groomers (she's a bit... rough these days), and planning/packing for NYC.

Holy crap, i just refreshed my browser and all my wanted items from the YSL sale are already sold out. In a matter of minutes! Geez i wish i had an extra $1k to throw away on a handbag...

ANYWAY, if you're in the mood for a fun blog, check out Garance Dore. She's an absolutely adorable Parisian photographer with an eye for style and a very unique way with words. I particularly enjoy today's entry. :-)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Student Again

For today (and tomorrow), i will ditch my business casual and private office and return to the status of student. I am secretly THRILLED about this petite departure as i much prefer the casual cotton skirt and sandals i'm sporting today, and i also love that i brought my newly hot pink covered macbook (a la Confessions of a Shopaholic movie) on which i am typing this very entry. So far no one has given me a weird look but that's probably because i am surreptitiously balancing my laptop on my lap, and it's partially blocked by the desk and the HUGE binder full of materials (of which i am now the proud owner). As more people trickle in, i look more and more out of place....

Ok starting now! Buh bie!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hot Pink (and my terrible taste in tv shows)

Soo... i'm kind of obsessed with The City, and i'm kind of totally embarassed about it. As someone who never got super into The Hills or Laguna Beach, i pride myself on being able to resist the siren song of these MTV reality (aka FAKE) shows. I think Heidi Montag is an even more worthless human being than Jessica Simpson (that's saying a lot, for me), and i have no strong feelings about Lauren Conrad either way, but she's kind of a bore. The City, however, appeals to me in so many more ways for a variety of reasons.

1. it's based in NYC which really is eye candy deluxe, no? I've never been a huge fan of L.A. (not that i've spent a ton of time there, i must confess), and it's never once held the appeal of NYC.

2. Whitney Port is adorable. She's sweet and seems down to earth (as much as an MTV "reality" star can be, i suppose). And is it just moi or did she get way prettier? Girl's got legs for days, and a tall slim physique that looks fantastic in her short dresses and billowy tops.

3. The cast on The City is SO much better than on The Hills. Take Jay, Whitney's boyfriend. He's a gorgeous Australian singer/songwriter who doesn't come off as a total douchebag. (His roommate Adam on the other hand... complete TOOL.)

And then there's Whitney's bff Erin, who is totally adorable. Love her bangs, her funky style, her undeniably pretty face, love it all.

Olivia, the self-proclaimed "social", is a complete upper east side bitch. Naturally, i enjoy her character as she reminds me of Blair Waldorf a la Gossip Girl.

Then there's Allie the model (and aforementioned Tool's girlfriend who is SO stupid to believe that he didn't cheat on her in that one episode). I liked her for the first few episodes, but after the whole "you're so skinny/are you okay" episode and the "hey let's kick Jay out of his own apartment" fiasco, i sort of hate her and think she and the Tool deserve each other. No wonder models stick together...

4. The fashion. Is. Sick. Honestly it's the main reason I wanted to watch the show in the first place. And speaking of... whilst indulging my obsession, i came across these fab pics of the girls and almost died when i saw Erin's hot pink platform booties!! I can't find them anywhere online, and the Louboutin version is already sold out (not to mention $800+ but isn't the name "c'est moi" SO appropo?).

Anyway, you can't deny that these girls are mesmerizing and even though i'm fairly certain i get a little dumber with each episode, i promise to make up for it by spending more time with my good friends NPR and The New York Times. Maybe even a little Proust.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


A little birdie told me that my Domino subscription was going to be replaced by a subscription to Architectural Digest. One word: EW. In a panicked attempt to never, EVER have a copy of that hideous and antiquated magazine land in my mailbox, i quickly called Conde Nast and asked that they replace my Domino subscription with a Vogue subsciption, as Vogue is a much more desired publication. (P.S. I wish i had a copy of this fab Marie Antoinette inspired cover! That movie is eye candy deluxe... i might have to watch it post-workout tonight!)

Also (and this is highly embarassing as i was once a spelling bee champ, like all Asian kids), i just realized this morning that i've been misspelling Manhattan for, like, my entire life. There is no "e" in Manhattan... who knew? Apparently everyone but moi.

Monday, February 23, 2009

NYC, Here I Come!!

Can you believe it's already the end of February? Maybe it's just moi, but 2009 is FLYING by. I was looking at my planner pad this weekend and realized, WOW, i have lots of fun stuff coming up that'll take me to.. April? Goodness, who knew? I'm especially looking forward to next weekend (March 5-7) because I'll be in NYC!!! I can't WAIT. Even though it's been less than a year since i've been in the city (was there last year for the HTC Retreat in upstate NY), it feels like it's been much longer since I didn't spend a ton of time in Manhatten last year. This time, my trip is still short (really only Friday - Sunday!), but it's jam packed with goodness. My tentative plans include:

1. Saturday brunch @ Balthezar and shopping in Soho with a a fab friend (who works for Louis Vuitton - she gets the most AMAZING stuff!)

2. Dinner with fun law school chums at Sant Ambroeus in the West Village followed by a night of drinking and dancing (of course)

3. Brunch Sunday at Pastis with aforementioned law school chums (inevitably hungover)

4. (Window) Shopping on Fifth Ave at Saks, Bendel's, Bloomingdales, Barneys, etc. on Sunday afternoon

So basically... lots of eating and shopping. :-) I haven't figured out what i'll be wearing in NYC (a coat, i imagine..), but oh how i wish i were the type of woman who could strut my stuff in 4 inch stilettos (without, ya know, DYING) a la Carrie Bradshaw...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Heart Lola

Name: Lola Collette Park
Age: 1 year
Breed: Maltese-Poodle mix
Loves: All humans and all dogs (altho i'm a bit scared of loud, jumpy children), my Mom's shoes, electrical cords, terrorizing Puffin (the cat)
Hates: When my mom gets inexplicably mad at me (she says she's working on it)
Signature color: Pink! (DUH)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Closet Makeover

Bonjour, dear friends! It's a BEAUTIFUL day here in Austin, which makes running errands around town 100x more pleasant. I've had a GREAT day as I managed to hit up Buffalo Exchange (consignment type store), and lucky for me, the line wasn't very long. I've never really shopped there (i sort of have issues with wearing clothes other people have worn before... weird i know and really bad for vintage purposes), but this time i was feeling adventurous. And holy moly, i totally scored!! I got:

1. Trina Turk skirt for $15! I'm getting it hemmed so it's shorter (but still work appropriate), but i LOVE it. It's got beautiful watercolor florals that are very in for this Spring.

2. Fun pink silk skirt - good for dinners out! Only $13!!

3. Ikat-inspired purple skirt that's very appropo for work - only $9!

4. Jeffrey Campbell peep-toe lace up heels for only $25! They are BRAND NEW, too. By far, my favorite purchase.

5. Blue/silver western style belt (hard to describe). Most of my friends will say it's ugly, but I will pair it with the most perfect outfit. :-) $10

All in all, because I sold some clothes I actually ended up getting $40 even after all my purchases. GREAT shopping day.

I'm excited to add all these new purchases to my closet b/c last night, i did a complete closet overhaul makeover without spending a SINGLE dime (see pics below). Just reorganized my shoes, slapped up some cheap IKEA black/white striped wrapping paper on the walls, and added some fun pieces like my mirrored side table. Also created a fashion inspiration board with a corkboard (already had) that i wrapped with IKEA fabric i bought forever ago. I love the result!! The scarves are tied along the closet bars b/c i haven't figured out a good storage solution for them yet... Ideas?

Friday, February 20, 2009


For a number of reasons, I opted to move from my spacious, temperature-controlled office to a much smaller, thermostat-free office. Today is my first day in my office 2.0, and although it's smaller and there's a weird blue streak on the wall (i've already requested that maintenance do some painting), i think i'll be much happier here. First off, there's no desk directly outside my door (thus there will be no conversations had in my doorway) and second, it's just a more positive environment on this side of the floor. I'm more determined than ever to make it homey. First? Lamps for SURE. Second? Curtains.. maybe some subtle sheers just to soften the place up a bit. And then eventually I need a new storage system (IKEA?) b/c this hideous metal filing cabinet is not working for me. And new chairs, but those will take some time as most chairs are quite $$$. Anyway, the small sacrifices i have to make by moving to this new location are completely worth it. I love the people who now sit outside and around my office. :-) Plus a smaller space is cozier, n'est-ce pas?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shopaholic Fever

Bonjour, mes amies!! I apologize for this late post; life's been quite hectic. I spent last weekend in Dallas visiting the parentals and spending time with Ma Soeur and bro-in-law. Highlights of the weekend include: eating my mom's delicious Korean food, driving to Dallas in my new ride, and seeing Confessions of a Shopaholic on Saturday!!! I absolutely adored the film, despite expecting the absolute worst. I had some serious issues with (1) Becky not being British, (2) the movie not taking place in London (my second favorite city in Europe, after Paris), and (3) Luke Brandon not being some tall, broad-shouldered high power PR executive. Now, after having seen the movie (twice, i must confess), i am: (1) still a bit sad that Becky's not British because really, nothing's cuter than a British shopaholic, right?, (2) OK with the fact that the movie took place in Manhatten (mostly b/c i'm going to be there in just a few weeks and can't WAIT to hit the shops!!), and (3) completely head-over-heels in love with Hugh Dancy, the darling Colin Firth/Hugh Grant hybrid that played the perfect movie version Luke Brandon. Oh and (4)? I ABSOLUTELY ADORE ISLA FISHER. I mean, look, can you imagine anyone playing a better Becky Bloomwood? (Totally loved her courageous color combos and fabulous gloves! Oh and can I pull off red hair?)

I've been reading lots of negative press re: the movie and how it's completely inappropriate in a time like now. But honestly, it's a light-hearted, fun, funNY romantic comedy at heart. The shopaholic angle definitely struck a chord with me (especially considering i first read the book nearly a decade ago and related with Becky way more than i ever intended to). There was one quote in particular that stuck with me. When asked, by a very angry, very handsome Luke Brandon why she shops, a tearful Becky replies: "When I shop, the world gets better...the world IS better! And then it's not anymore. And then I have to do it again." Sad? Perhaps. True? Very. And although i can honestly say that i'm on the road to shopaholic recovery, part of me can only hope that i look this happy when i hit the streets of Manhatten:

P.S. And boys? If seeing Isla Fisher in fitted tops, short skirts, and major stilettos isn't enough incentive for you to tag along with your girlfriend or gal pal, you should go just for the laughs. Seriously, this movie is laugh-out-loud F-U-N-N-Y. Plus, you might gain some helpful insight into the very complex mind of the beloved women in your life...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Clean Green

I'm a sucker for great packaging, especially when it comes to everyday-type items. So when i spotted these cute Clorox wipes, i automatically placed them in my Tarjay shopping cart, despite the heftier price tag.

But not more than 5 steps later, i came across these greenworks biodegradable cleaning wipes and knew i had to make the swap. Added plus(besides saving the Earth, that is)? They were a heck of a lot cheaper, too.

Go Green!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

MAC + Hello Kitty

= Perfection in Carolyn's world. I mean, REALLY?? I own close to probably 30 MAC eye shadows, 10 lipsticks/lipglosses, and 15 eyeliners. I just adore the vivid colors and uniform black matte packaging. That being said, my fave thing about MAC is that they release these often fabulous lines with "LIMITED EDITION" lipcolors, nail polishes, etc. I'm such a sucker for these as i ALWAYS end up buying more than i need. Well since returning from London, i decided that since my days of crazy colored eyeshadows were numbered, i would stop buying more and use what i have. My progress, i must confess, has been inspiring. Who knew I could stop buying makeup so easily? That is, until today, when i went to Nordstrom on my lunch break (like a FOOL!) and with a confident swagger i walked up to the MAC counter to see this...

Pardonnez-moi? MAC and my BELOVED Hello Kitty?!?!?!?! Since WHEN?! Why wasn't i alerted? HOW DID I NOT KNOW?! Swathed in candy pink and shiny black, this new line is all kinds of girly fun. Glitter liquid eyeliner?? I wanted every color. Lipsticks in all kinds of cool pinks and purples. And don't even get me started on the adorable eyeshadow compacts... UGH. Restraint. Practice restraint. And that's precisely what i did. And oh my GOD, it hurt. It really killed. See more of the line here, and since i was so good today, don't you think i deserve a pair of these? Despite popular belief, it DOES rain in Austin...

It's Only Wednesday?

As determined as i've been not to "live for the weekends", i have to say i was pretty disappointed when i got to work today and realized it's only Wednesday. Le sigh. I was a little too snooze happy this morning and didn't have time to eat breakfast so i brought my oatmeal with me, but i have to say, it doesn't taste the same. Sista and i are running to the mall during lunch because we both have appointments at the Apple Genius Bar. I haven't been to the mall in so long, partly because the malls here suck (Northpark might be the only thing i like about Dallas) and partly because avoiding temptation is half the battle. (Of course, going to places like Anthropologie is probably 10x worse.) I'm in the market for a good pair of black pumps for work (not sure how i've gotten by this far without a pair!), but the ones i've been eyeing are around $150. Not bad, but not good either. Do any of you have a great pair of black pumps?

Ugh, on another note (and i realize this is going to make me sound uber bratty), while i'm fortunate enough to have my own office, the location of my office leaves something to be desired. My ex-secretary's desk is RIGHT OUTSIDE of my door, and so everytime he has a conversation with someone, i not only get to hear every word of it, but it basically happens outside my door. This leads to people standing in my doorway, and unless it's someone i particularly like at that moment, i can't stand it. Because inevitably that someone will step into my office and interrupt me, no matter how busy i look. (And believe me, when i'm not in the mood for small talk, i try to look REALLY busy.) Anyway, i think i'm just being crabby and a h8er... that and finding all these amazing blogs lately has reminded me just how boring my profession is and how i'm wasting the best years of my life sitting at a desk, ignoring my creative urges. Le sigh again.

I've got to go before i start rambling and say something i'll inevitably regret. I'll leave you with this sweet picture of my darling Lola taking a little nap on my pillow. She has an affinity for laying directly on top of pillows, no matter how nicely propped up they may be...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holy Ann Demeulemeester

Uh oh... i'm in serious trouble. First Cupcakes and Cashmere and now an entirely new world - Sea of Shoes. I'm completely embarassed to say that i found out about Jane in the latest issue of Teen Vogue magazine. She's a 16-year old fashionista (in the truest sense of the word), and i can't stop scrolling through her blog. Not to mention she's making me regret not taking more risks when i had the chance (aka when i wasn't working for the MAN). I think it's funny that my friends always thought my clothes were "crazy" because i look like the GAP compared to this badass chica. And she's in TX!! Would it be weird for me to stalk a 16-year old? Don't answer that...


I'm on a tight budget these days (increased monthly costs, trip to NYC in March, general overall fear of the crumbling economy), but every now and then something spectacular comes along that proves itself quite the exception. For moi, that something is the new Orla Kiely collection @ Tarjay. Since i can't afford normal Orla Kiely stuff, i've been drooling over this affordable collection since i spotted it on various design blogs in early January. It was rumored to arrive in stores Feb. 1, but of course got delayed. Last night i made an impromptu trip to Tarjay (NEVER a good idea) and lo and behold, what did i find? Orla Kiely!! They didn't have everything, but they had a good selection of her storage products (shown below) that i scooped up for my office. I figure it's a good pick because it's (1) cute, (2) not pink cute and therefore a tad more acceptable, and (3) matches the sort of hideous brown furniture i've no choice but to use. Once i get it all set up, i'll post some pics of my newly not-so-hideous workspace.

(photo courtesy of

I also found a few kitchen/houseware products, but a good chunk was sold out. I did score some cute cork placemats, coasters, and a darling apron. What i REALLY wanted, though, they did not have in store - these oh-so-cute mugs! Since coffee and tea play such an integral part of my daily routine, I figure Orla mugs are a responsible purchase. (Shhhh...) I hopped on and found them, along with this fabulously retro two-tier tray and flowery, versatile serving tray. Apparently they won't be shipping until mid-March, but that's okay. Patience is a virtue, right?

God bless Tarjay!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet Tea

In honor of Valentine's Day (i have a feeling i'm going to be saying that a lot this week), i enjoyed today's afternoon tea in a darling pink cup and saucer duo purchased at Starbucks a few years back (can you see the heart??) alongside a sugary sweet red velvet cupcake (i've yet to make my own..). I've been inexplicably ravenous today and can't wait to rush home and indulge in a bowl of whole wheat pasta and homemade bolognese. Yum-o!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

(Don't) Express Yourself

Um, is it just me, or has Express gone completely to sh*t? I was never a huge fan of the store; i thought it was overpriced, overrated, and on EVERY SINGLE GIRL in my high school/college. But there have been times when there's been a particularly fabulous jacket, or some great little shorts on which to splurge. Well i hadn't been inside the store in probably over a year when i stopped by today just to see what's new. YUCK! I was attacked by candy-colored polyester/nylon blends, unattractive leggings in every color, and some really cheap but not chic handbags. Even their jewelry, which in the past has been fairly cute, if not ridiculously overpriced, was hideous. What.. happened? Maybe it's targeting a new demographic and looks cheap because it IS cheap. Um $49.50 for a very, very mediocre cotton top? No, thank you. The shocking (and sad) thing was, i was just in Forever 21 and surprised at some of the treasures i found. To walk into Express, a store theoretically geared towards older, working women, and see all this gaudy apparel was beyond disappointing. (P.S. I think other women agree because that place was EMPTY, yo.)

On another note, i'm currently working/watching the Grammys/babysitting/blogging/downloading music. (My sister says i'm the only 25-year old attorney/babysitter she knows. It's so true...) I'm pretty exhausted, even though it's not even 9 p.m., and just as incredulous as ever that it's already Sunday night. Luckily i have oodles of fun events planned this week to get me through it. Alamo Drafthouse is having a "Girlie Night" avec a showing of Bridget Jones Diary and "girlie drinks" that I'll be attending Tuesday night with a dear "girl"friend. Thursday evening i'm meeting up with an old college friend who has since gone to law school at U-Penn and is currently working in D.C. - always a treat! Friday i'm driving to Dallas (first long drive in my new ride!) because my sister and bro-in-law are coming down from Cali for a visit. It'll be nice to see them, engorge myself on Momma Park's excellent Korean cooking, and do some Dallas shopping (with what money? i've no idea...). Even MORE EXCITING is the news i received the other day that my sister/bro-in-law are coming to AUSTIN in March for SXSW!!! Holllaaaa!!

Am watching a rather uninspiring rap performance by... i don't even know who this is. The only performance i've actually enjoyed was the duo performance by Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus (actually REALLY sweet). Katy Perry was some serious weak sauce (how that woman was nominated for a Grammy, i've no idea), and Kanye/Estelle sounded great but looked blah. Grammy's, what's wrong with you? The days of exciting award shows have long gone, i suppose.

OK must do some more work/research so i don't walk into work completely empty-handed tomorrow morning. Bonsoir!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Le Weekend

Bonjour, mes amies. It's a cloudy, breezy and warm day here in Austin... i'm currently sitting in a local coffee shop, enjoying 2 breakfast tacos (an Austin delicacy for sure) and coffee (all for just a little over $3!) and catching up on my blogs. I got oodles of sleep last night and would've slept longer had my darling Lola bear not been so anxious to get up and at em. Today's plans include getting a much-needed bang trim (yes, that means a trim for my bangs - tres important, if you ask me), going to my first book club gathering (will report on this later for sure), and hopefully meeting up with some girlfriends for some (window) shopping.

Normally I reserve my Friday nights for some serious R&R, as i'm typically exhausted from the workweek. Last night, however, I dined with a dear friend at Aquarelle, a fancy French restaurant in downtown Austin. I was given a gift certificate to the restaurant for Christmas, and i've been eager to do some upscale dining. So i donned my new feather headband and Tarjay heels for a delightful feast that hopefully wouldn't break the bank. Boy, was i wrong... First off, the food was OK. J and i decided that Aquarelle does some things really really well (appetizers, sauces) and some things really poorly (simple side dishes like polenta and a potato galette left much to be desired). And the desserts? Tres disappointing. Their ice cream was too "icy", and their chocolate souffle was mediocre at best. And the bill? Definitely broke the bank. I almost died when i saw the total, even after my gift certificate. Suffice to say that i won't be doing any upscale dining for quite some time... (at least not on my dime!) Luckily, the conversation was exceptional, and i had a lovely time despite my disappointment in the cuisine. ;-)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Not sure why, but when i got to work this morning, i found myself practically skipping up and down the hall and smiling to myself. There's no reason for my buoyant spirits, but hey, i'll take it! Maybe it's because I'm sporting my new Thakoon for Target top (that i just discovered is 50% off online, which means i may be doing some exchanging..), cinched with a great purple belt i got on clearance at Nine West, my black wedges (one heel is slightly chewed... darn Lola!, and NO TIGHTS! It's supposed to get up to the 70's today so i took the time to actually shave my legs this morning so i could go bare-legged. As much as i love tights, it's so nice to not have that extra step every i go to the bathroom. Ladies, you understand, right?

Last night i made my tomato/mozzarella/basil pesto on sourdough panini, and it was FANTASTIC! I don't have a panini maker or even a grill pan so it didn't have the signature panini lines, but that's okay. Instead i made it in a simple skillet by placing a sheet of aluminum foil, plate, and heavy teapot on top so it'd get nice and pressed. Just flip, repeat, and voila! I wish i had pics but i was way too hungry. (Confession: The panini was so good that i had 1 1/2 of them!)

Now i'm just killing time before a meeting with my partner at 10:15 and have been perusing my usual blogs. Still loving Cupcakes and Cashmere and just discovered this fabulous French blog - Garance Dore. One of these days i'll spend the dough and get Rosetta Stone so i can truly become conversationally (is that a word?) fluent...

Speaking of French, if you happen to venture into your local Starbucks and spy a fabulous CD entitled "Paris Magnifique", then pick it up!! It's a darling compilation of fun French music. I bought one of their other compilations - Rendezvous a Paris - several years ago and love it to this day. The CD's are Starbucks exclusives so you can't find it online, and the singles themselves are difficult to find. Anyway, if you love French music then i highly suggest you get this for yourself! Consider it an early V-day present. ;-)

Hope your day is as cheery as mine!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


On Monday i bought a small bunch of daffodils from Whole Foods (only $6.99, which is fairly cheap for Whole Foods). They looked like green stalks when I got them, but just 2 days later, and they are in full bloom! I literally watched them open yesterday. Fresh flowers brighten ANY space, and i hope to continue getting them on a weekly basis for my otherwise drab and dreary office.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Slice of Home

A quick post (and some pics!) before i hit the hay. That's my current entry console and seeing the picture just confirms that the wall behind desperately needs painting. That's my little snufflelafugus passed out on my chair (the sheet is there b/c normally my cat is on that chair). And that's the chicken/broccoli/rice casserole i made over the weekend. G'nite friends!!

First Tea

It's been an... interesting day, to say the least. Woke up with a sharp, stabbing pain in the right side of my abdomen. Worked out with Deb, which is always a fun/torturous experience ;-). And right after i stepped out of the shower, i checked my Blackberry (i.e. crackberry), and lo and behold what do i see? That i missed the first of a series of 8:30 a.m. Tuesday meetings. Well, SHIT. I could've sworn that started next week - oh wait, no. This week. Today. February 3. Awesome.

Fast forwarded several, somewhat grueling hours, and here i sit enjoying my first afternoon tea at work. Because i haven't gotten all i need for a proper tea, this will have to do. Earl Grey decaf (from a bag, but at least it's Mighty Leaf!)sans milk (boo) and the closest thing i could find to British biscuits - Whole Foods' organic lemon cookies. It's not quite as lovely as Holly's, but it's a nice change of pace. Soon i'll bake my own scumptious treats, brew loose tea, and bring some organic milk to work. All in good time...

Monday, February 2, 2009


Another reason i love Emily is that she's my age (see? we're meant to be besties), and her life doesn't revolve around getting wasted and barhopping. A rarity!


My love of blogs all began with Kimberly Wilson and Hip Tranquil Chick. Since then, i've grown to love design and decor blogs (Apartment Therapy, decor8, design sponge, etc.), simple living/family blogs (Domestic Reflections, Lobotome, Simple Lovely, and yes maybe even a little tabloid gossip via the infamous Perez Hilton. Surprisingly the one genre of blog i never got too into was fashion. Considering i used to (corporate America has destroyed my sense of style) be obsessed with fashion/shopping/trends/etc., i always found it surprising. Maybe it's because i never found a blog that presented affordable options (Gucci, Chanel, and Prada i love, but i CANNOT and probably will not ever AFFORD)... or maybe because the style presented was never achievable in real life. Whatever the case may be, i am happy to announce that i've not only stumbled upon a fashion blog that i LOVE (Forever 21 mixed with Anthropologie? lacey, frilly dresses with rugged motorcycle boots? a lace slip with badass red boots?? YES, please!!), but i've also found my latest girl crush.

Now that Lindsay Price and her hot bod are no longer gracing the small screen, there's been a bit of a void in my life. I enjoy looking at pictures of beautiful women who have exceptional style - what can i say? And i'd prefer not to turn towards the pages of People and US Weekly if i can help it. So while perusing some of my fave blogs today, i stumbled across Cupcakes and Cashmere. The name alone drew me in, but once i started scrolling i became hopelessly smitten. Hmm what can i say about Emily, this gorgeous 20-something SoCal gal with a killer wardrobe, killer bod, great job, popular blog, and probably incredible boyfriend? Oh, just that i want to BE HER, and since that can't happen, i want to be her BFF. Or, at the very least, i'd love to take her to lunch (and perhaps do some shopping?) and ask her the requisite 100+ questions i like to ask all potential BFF's. Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for her, some might say..) she lives in L.A. and probably has zero time for nutcases like moi. Still, a girl can dream, yes? Plus i have all of her blog archives to go through. ;-)

Oh and in case you didn't believe me?

(All pictures are from

Feed Me

Bonjour, friends. I hope y'all had a lovely weekend... As for me, i spent the majority of yesterday thinking it was Saturday. Don't ask me why or how, but believe me when i say the disappointing reality that it was, in fact, Sunday hit me hard. But i tried not to dwell on that feeling and instead, opted to focus on how i could make this workweek better than the last. For example, inspired by Holly and her lovely readers over at decor8, i'm going to start making "Afternoon Tea" a daily part of my workday. Around 3:30-4 i'm always (i) hungry, (ii) bored, and (iii) dying to get home. Well my sister, who works at Google (free lunch and dinner? yes, please!), is lucky enough to have treats for afternoon tea delivered to her office. I'll have to make do (aka make my own or buy something), but i can steal the idea! Plus afternoon tea is much better pour moi than afternoon coffee (not to mention cheaper). Potential problems/issues/annoyances? First, while there are a plethora of nearby sinks in the office, none have simple dishwashing soap and a sponge (which, of course, means i'll have to buy/bring them). Second, i want to use a nice teacup, not a styrofoam cup so i'll have to bring a few to keep at the office. Third, i prefer loose tea which means i'll need some sort of straining device... again, more stuff. I'll let you know how this "great idea" works out... Any helpful suggestions??

Another thing i've been trying to do for the past few weeks is to cook a big meal on the weekend that i can reheat during the week. Problem is, whatever i've made doesn't stay good/fresh all week so i need a mid-week solution that doesn't take much time/energy. I've never been a huge sandwich person, but i DO love paninis. So this week i'm going to attempt to make my first panini - tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto on delicious sourdough. Hopefully it'll look 1/10th as good as this...