Sunday, February 24, 2008

Le Weekend

Married to Medley this week (starting today) so i don't have time for a real update. But i decided to go to my last Casino Night of law school and am so glad i did! Had an absolute blast...

Friday, February 22, 2008

New APT Pics

DONE painting!! (at least for now...) Enjoy the new pics below: newly painted hallway, bedroom, home office, vanity, dining nook, etc... (P.S. Can you tell i'm obsessed with hanging chandelier-esque light fixtures??)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Painter's Remorse?

I'm insane. I know it, my friends know it, and my family knows it although they try their hardest to ignore it. Yesterday was a loooooong afternoon/evening of painting, kicking myself, more painting, and scraping my paint-splattered floor with my fingernails. I finished painting the doors/trim in the hallway white, and then painted the hallway walls a gorgeous Benjamin Moore color, French Violet. It looks awesome against the yellow in the kitchen and the pink in the living room. I still need to do the very tops of the wall (no ladder right now) and hallway ceiling, and then (hopefully) i'll be done. My dreams to paint the long wall in my apartment are slowly fading as i'm exhausted and SICK of painting. My next project is to take my vanity stool (which i spraypainted silver last week) and add some batting and fabric and make it comfier on top. Note to self: Get staple gun.

I completely and totally regret not staying in bed an hour longer this morning and skipping this class. Oh well, at least i can catch up on my blogging and web-surfing. Blood donation people are here today, so i think i'll try to give blood after my 10:30 class. Hope it doesn't hurt TOO much...

Plans for the weekend (for me, starts this evening) are watching the Democratic Debate, morning walk at Town Lake, lots of Medley rehearsal, and mayyybe attending Casino Night festivities... We'll see.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Bonjour, mes amies. In a better mood this morning and made it to my 9:30 class (hooray) and plan on attending all, yes ALL, of my classes today. Very excited that i don't have any obligations this evening, and plan on doing more painting. On Monday i impulsively decided that i needed to paint my doors/doorframes white because the grey was just depressing, not to mention looked bad against my yellow accent wall in the kitchen. So despite a few mishaps, i sorta successfully painted the pantry door and then the laundry room doors in the hallway. White door looks fab against the yellow, but not so fab against the more muted grey in the hallway (where the laundry, bathroom, and bedroom doors all are). So of course then i decided i'd have to paint the hallway to make the white doors look good. Debated for a long time about the color (considered doing the pink again, but then i thought no, too much pink) and have decided on Benjamin Moore's French Violet. It's a really gorgeous kinda blue kinda purple kinda grey color that will look amazing against the white. And once i eventually replace the ugly dome light in the hallway with my crystal chandelier, it'll look fabulous and very very French. I also want to paint the looooong wall in my living room (aka the only wall left in my apartment sans the bathroom). This wall flanks my entryway/bookcase, dining nook, and home office. Ideally it'd be nice to do three big blocks so it's not just one neverending wall of color. But then i'd have to pick the perfect paints and obviously they can't be too jarring or contradictory. I'm thinking of a lovely blue, kind of like a robin egg blue or a greyish blue or maybe even a blue-green? Here are a few possibilities...

Also LOVING these rooms below... i mean how awesome is that fuschia lucite?? It's probably absurdly expensive.... sigh. (P.S. bottom collage is Betsey Johnson's apartment! pink pink everywhere!!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mood Swings

Why do i feel like these days, i'm either crying my eyes out or being the biggest bitch on the planet? I apologize for me.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lean On Me

i have the BEST friends. seriously, i do. and at this very rocky time in my life, i'm not sure where i'd be without them. my bffefefeff from college dropped me a line tonight, and even though i wasn't able to chat, it's so nice knowing she's checking up. and my dear friends here in austin, what would i do without you? with all the drama that is the law school social scene, it's a miracle that i've been able to find this close-knit group of friends i can call my own. J, my three L's, S, M... dunno what i'd do without you.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Long Overdue

::Sigh:: Hello, friends. It's been quite some time, i'm aware, and i wish i could say it's because i've been so busy having the best time ever, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. The brutal truth is that these past couple weeks have been beyond rough, and a great deal of it culminated in the past couple of days in a horrible, horrible way. Suffice to say blogging has been the last thing i've wanted to do, even though it probably would've done me some good to write. I've also completely neglected my journal which i think has contributed to my emotional landslide. I'm trying to get back on track, really i am. I indulged in some creativity tonight, which has been fantastic for my mood and my apartment! I hope to make tomorrow productive and start this next week on the right foot. I guess you could say i'm trying my hardest to be upbeat.

In other news, i have become completely and 100% OBSESSED with interior design. There are a couple of design blogs that i've frequented in the past, but since i've moved into my new space, i've become an avid fan of several incredible design blogs. Love love LOVE IT. Want to paint every single inch of wall space in my house, not to mention wallpaper (don't think the Triangle would appreciate that), and i wish i had 3 more rooms to fill and decorate. Oh i also wish i would win the lottery so i could afford to do all of this. ;-)

This morning I helped out with a 6-year old girl's birthday party, and i couldn't imagine a better Saturday morning. Imagine sixteen DARLING kindergarten girls in pink and purple PJ's, eating popcorn and watching Barbie movies, getting their nails painted by yours truly, eating breakfast pizza and ice cream cones, running and giggling hysterically up and down the stairs, and throwing stuffed ponies EVERYWHERE. It was SO much fun, and the darling little birthday girl (whom i ADORE) loved her gift from moi. What more could i ask for? I'm so lucky to know this family.

Ok i must run and pursue even more creative endeavors, but i'll leave you with some of my *favorite* blogs... Enjoy, my darlings!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bon Jour

It's a good day, indeed. My stomach is feeling a bit better, it's absolutely gorgeous outside, it's Hump Day which means half the week is over and i have a date with M tonight AND Project Runway is on tonight, and i get to see my mommy in 2 days! There is this unfortunate little situation with a paper that i have due tomorrow... but it's a one-page memo that i can deal with later. :P

Friday, February 1, 2008

When it rains...

It sure does pour. Last night i was a fool and ate chicken. Right before bed, i realized my tummy wasn't feeling so great at all, as if it refused to digest my dinner. Finally i got up and proceeded to then run to the toilet and throw up. Well, in the midst of all that fun, I also somehow also pulled a back muscle. Now i've never ever had issues with my back, but i know those that do say it's completely miserable. Miserable? Talk about the WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE. One of my muscles had been sore from all the coughing i've been doing in the past month, and i guess the violent contracting of my stomach/chest just sealed the deal. Oh God, the pain. So i spent the evening throwing up while someone stabbed knife after knife into my back. Needless to say, i couldn't drive to Dallas. I can barely sit down. My darling J brought me some icy hot patches and a bottle of sprite, and while my back feels like a tiiiiny bit better, my stomach still hates me for eating chicken.

Woe is me.