Monday, November 10, 2008

Lawyering, Weekend Plans, and My Latest Crush

Bonsoir, mes amies! Yes I can't help but be in a GREAT mood still as the knowledge that I never ever EVER have to take the TX BAR again continues to sink in... ahh it feels good. That being said, I gave approval for my business cards. Isn't that weird?? I have a secretary (aka legal administrative assistant) who comes into my office and asks for me to sign off on my business card design...? Life as a lawyer is new and strange and I haven't quite decided whether I like it. The good news is that my new furniture was installed Friday afternoon so now I can officially move into my digs. Still need to get my diplomas framed and some better lighting but... in time it'll start looking like Carolyn's office and not a law office. Trust moi. :-)

Since I didn't fully celebrate my BAR results, I think I'm going to make a quick trip to Houston this weekend to celebrate with my bestie - Pony! I haven't been to Houston in awhile, and we haven't gotten to spend any quality time together in SO long. I anticipate oodles of chatting, shopping, coffee sipping, and gossiping. It's what we do best. :-)

Oh and as for my latest crush, well it's Lindsay Price from Lipstick Jungle (also from Beverly Hills 90210 - the original). She's half-Korean, GORGEOUS, and yes i'm totally obsessed. I mean hello, can you blame me?


judd littleton said...

Yep, she's definitely not in Dexter. I'd remember her.

Naturally Jules said...

Congratulations on passing the Bar! I love lipstick jungle and am crushed to hear that it's being cancelled! :(

Naturally Jules said...

Hey, maybe good news! They are now saying that our Lipstick Jungle is not cancelled!! (Trying to not get my hopes tooo high)!

theanalyst said...

Hey, found your blog via Kimberly Wilson. Anyway, I LOVE Lindsay Price too, as well as her character on Lipstick Jungle.