Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bonjour, November

I've been dreading the revisit and review of my October goals because I knew I didn't meet them all. I know that's not the point (well, not for us regular folk anyway), but I still felt a tiny bit of failure and guilt.  In some ways, I did quite well. Instead of losing 5 lbs, I lost 8 (woo hoo!). While I didn't hit the gym 5x/week every week, I did manage to go regularly.  And although I attended three out of four of Gabby's coaching sessions and did some of the homework, I didn't do it all. And as for Oprah? Well, let's just say that my DVR is quite full. 

As for the 21-Day Cleanse, I give myself a solid B+.  I was 99.5% vegan.  I got a dry brush and began dry brushing (albeit not every single day).  I got a neti pot and had my best neti experience yet last night (neti-ing is tough for me b/c I have teeny tiny nostrils!).  I began taking vitamins and supplements (B-complex, D, probiotics, omega 3's), which is a huge accomplishment for me because I detest swallowing pills.  The things that didn't go so well?  Daily meditation (this one is going to take some work, y'all) and avoiding coffee and sugar (but still definitely decreased my consumption of both).

Today I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and was delighted to see Kimberly's post on her November Dreams.  Dreams - what a fantastic idea!  Somehow describing them as dreams instead of goals makes them much friendlier, don't you think?  So this month, I'm dreaming of the following...

Veg for life ~ Lose 5 lbs ~ Attend to Hang On Little Tomato ~ Cook 3 new recipes ~ Create vision board ~ Volunteer at Mercy for Animals ~ Attend one vegan meetup ~ Finish 2 books ~ Be mindful of my money ~ Spend more time with God via prayer and meditation ~ Nourish my body with healthy food, regular exercise and vitamins/supplements ~ Run 2-3x/week

What are your November dreams?

P.S. Recap of Day 2 of the National Conference to End Factory Farming is coming tomorrow.  Read my recap of Day 1 here


kathy said...


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Lauren said...

Love these! Such great dreams for this month! What will you be doing for Mercy with Animals?

kimberly wilson said...

LOVE! Yes, dreams feels like the right word and congrats on your B+. Solid. Excited to see how your new found connections to the NYC vegan cOMmunity plays out for you - I anticipate it being powerful! x