Saturday, January 21, 2012

Juice Cleanse: Day 1 (Almost) Over

This. Sucks. No, really, it sucks. Need evidence? The photo above depicts my lunch today and my roomie's lunch today. Hers? A portobello panini. Mine? Juice.

As if I needed any confirmation (and I really didn't), being hungry does not suit me. I get really cranky and at times, borderline tearful. I just want some freaking food! Sigh. I guess I should start at the beginning. I planned to start my juicing at 10 a.m. so that I could one every two hours (10, 12, 2, 4, 6, 8). But a very late bedtime meant that I didn't get rockin and rollin until around 11 a.m. this morning. And when I woke up, my mind and body instinctively thought: "BAGEL." Because that is, after all, what Saturday mornings used to be. Bagels or brunch or, at the very least, avocado toast (mmmm avocados). But this morning? Just juice.

Mistake #1: Starting a juice cleanse on the weekend. Unfortunately, I had to because I have a work lunch on Tuesday at which I absolutely cannot be drinking juice.

Moving on. I had Juices 1 and 2 before leaving the house. Blueprint's green juice is very easy to drink, but I agree with many others who say it's a bit too sweet. Like sickly sweet. I don't normally find this to be the case with green juices so they must add a lot of apple juice. Juice 2 was the gold juice - pineapple, apple and mint. It was very sweet, but very refreshing. Delish.

Today my roomie, Annika, and I made plans to have an NYC day of fun. First stop was the Museum of Modern Art - one of my favorite museums of all time. My firm has a corporate membership so Annika and I got in for free. Holla! I brought along Juice #3 (green) knowing that we'd be out for awhile. The weather today was snowy and frigid - PERFECT weather for a juice cleanse. ...

Mistake #2: Starting a juice cleanse on the coldest, snowiest day of the year. I swear if it were summer, this whole thing would be a whole lot easier.

After viewing several galleries, our hunger led us to the Cafe on floor 2. My sense of smell was on fire - I wanted to eat everything. But instead, I busted out my green juice while Annika ate the most delicious looking and smelling portobello panini. See photo above.

We spent the rest of the day shopping along Fifth and Madison during which I didn't feel hungry, exactly, just a bit empty. We ended our extravaganza at Starbucks where I ordered a green tea. The hot liquid definitely helped, but was it the same as a soy misto? Absolutely not.

By the time we got home, I was full on cranky. And full on hungry. Time for Juice 4 - spicy lemonade. This was surprisingly delicious! Perfect balance of tart and sweet, and the cayenne is barely noticeable. LOVED it.

But as much as I loved it, I still wanted food. I honestly can't tell if I'm hungry or if I just don't know how to handle not having solid food in my tummy. I'm super pissy. I pitched a massive fit while sitting in my roomie's bed (we watched Friends With Benefits - highly recommend). I just. want. some. FOOD.

I haven't had Juice 5 (another green) yet, and I don't think I will. It's already 10 p.m., and I think I just want my cashew milk and my bed. Honestly, I can't bear the thought of drinking another juice juice anyway. Le sigh. I really hope tomorrow's easier.

Day 1 Recap:

Difficulty (1 being easiest, 10 being hardest): 8 - As tough as it's been, I haven't really been tempted to break the cleanse and eat something.

Physical: I feel great. Just fine, really, minus the really-pissing-me-off pangs of hunger. No caffeine withdrawal. No low energy. I feel fine.

Emotional: To be honest, I felt pretty good for most of the day until we were sitting at Starbucks, and I thought about going home and curling up in bed with a good movie. Because along with PJs and a good movie, I also wanted some Thai takeout. By the time the movie was over, I got REAL cranky, and my mind started saying all kinds of nasty things about myself and my body to myself. No bueno, my friends. I'm feeling a little better now. Am going to get my cashew milk and watch Vegucated.



Valerie @ City|Life|Eats said...

hey hon - could you have some warm quinoa or oatmeal or something else grounding. I am sure that won't detract from the benefits of all the vitamins you are getting in. I am a huge fan of green juice, but to me it is a supplement to eating, not a replacement :) Even when I have green smoothies as a meal, they are loaded with chewy toppings, like cacao nibs etc. Hope you get lots of good sleep :)

Amanda said...


HANG IN THERE! That juice cleanse sounds awful but very rewarding at the same time! 4 lbs lost so far, that's pretty awesome!

I also wanted to say a big THANK YOU for posting about Vegucated. I'd never heard of it before so I rented it on iTunes (too poor to actually buy it) and I just finished. I LOVED it! It was a movie that made me feel good instead of being totally depressed at the end, which most videos that have anything to do with factory farms usually end up doing to me. If you have any other recommendations, I'd love them! I am trying to make the switch from vegetarian to vegan but I feel like it's going to be a tough process!

PS something I found funny! You posted about a long time ago about Kimberly Wilson from Tranquil Space and Pigs Animal Sanctuary. Well I started following her on Twitter after you posted about her at the Natl Conference to end Factory Farming and I've been following her since then (which was like Nov?) and I just recently looked at her blog and realized she is the MOM of Louis the pug from the dog daycare where I used to work in DC! Small world right??

Again, HANG IN THERE (little tomato! ;) )