Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Bonjour, mes amies. In a better mood this morning and made it to my 9:30 class (hooray) and plan on attending all, yes ALL, of my classes today. Very excited that i don't have any obligations this evening, and plan on doing more painting. On Monday i impulsively decided that i needed to paint my doors/doorframes white because the grey was just depressing, not to mention looked bad against my yellow accent wall in the kitchen. So despite a few mishaps, i sorta successfully painted the pantry door and then the laundry room doors in the hallway. White door looks fab against the yellow, but not so fab against the more muted grey in the hallway (where the laundry, bathroom, and bedroom doors all are). So of course then i decided i'd have to paint the hallway to make the white doors look good. Debated for a long time about the color (considered doing the pink again, but then i thought no, too much pink) and have decided on Benjamin Moore's French Violet. It's a really gorgeous kinda blue kinda purple kinda grey color that will look amazing against the white. And once i eventually replace the ugly dome light in the hallway with my crystal chandelier, it'll look fabulous and very very French. I also want to paint the looooong wall in my living room (aka the only wall left in my apartment sans the bathroom). This wall flanks my entryway/bookcase, dining nook, and home office. Ideally it'd be nice to do three big blocks so it's not just one neverending wall of color. But then i'd have to pick the perfect paints and obviously they can't be too jarring or contradictory. I'm thinking of a lovely blue, kind of like a robin egg blue or a greyish blue or maybe even a blue-green? Here are a few possibilities...

Also LOVING these rooms below... i mean how awesome is that fuschia lucite?? It's probably absurdly expensive.... sigh. (P.S. bottom collage is Betsey Johnson's apartment! pink pink everywhere!!)

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