Friday, February 1, 2008

When it rains...

It sure does pour. Last night i was a fool and ate chicken. Right before bed, i realized my tummy wasn't feeling so great at all, as if it refused to digest my dinner. Finally i got up and proceeded to then run to the toilet and throw up. Well, in the midst of all that fun, I also somehow also pulled a back muscle. Now i've never ever had issues with my back, but i know those that do say it's completely miserable. Miserable? Talk about the WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE. One of my muscles had been sore from all the coughing i've been doing in the past month, and i guess the violent contracting of my stomach/chest just sealed the deal. Oh God, the pain. So i spent the evening throwing up while someone stabbed knife after knife into my back. Needless to say, i couldn't drive to Dallas. I can barely sit down. My darling J brought me some icy hot patches and a bottle of sprite, and while my back feels like a tiiiiny bit better, my stomach still hates me for eating chicken.

Woe is me.

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