Sunday, June 29, 2008

Life is Good

Bonjour, friends. It's a lovely Sunday afternoon, and i'm taking a petit break from my BAR studying to muse a bit on some good things in life right now. First, my dear friend and Paris flea market partner-in-crime, Claudia of The Paris Apartment, has touched my heart once again. A little while ago I sent her a box of vintage French perfume label stickers that i found at Paper Place. When we were at the flea markets last September, she searched hi and low for some authentic vintage perfume labels, and so when i saw them i couldn't NOT get them for her. Anyway she was so sweet to give me a shout-out on her blog! It still THRILLS me to see my name on the blogs of these incredible women (Claudia, Kimberly..) b/c i just can't believe i actually KNOW them. Like have MET them and spent time with them. They're just so awesome! Anyway, here's the post - The Paris Apartment (Scroll to the bottom and ALSO check out her fabulous studded console table! Major lust.)

Speaking of furniture, i haven't done much at all with my apartment in the past month. This is a dramatic shift from the days of yore when i rearranged pretty much daily. And since i managed to make my bed this morning for the first time in quite awhile, i thought i'd give you a little glimpse into my bedroom transformation. I decided to "Anthropologize" my bedroom awhile back and the progress has been slow but still headed in the right direction. The duvet cover is from the Shabby Chic line @ Target, the LOVE pillow covers from LUSH design in the UK, and that's my crappy $9.99 lamp from IKEA stuck in the left corner (b/c i don't have the heart to throw it out... yet.). On the right wall is a fabric-covered bulletin board filled with cards and other correspondence from dear friends and family. I love to look at it when i go to bed at night and remember just how lucky i am to receive so much LOVE.

And here are some pics from my home office turned creative sanctuary. It's the most recent transformation in my apartment, and i just LOVE it. It's packed (literally) with creative posters, crafts, art supplies, stationary, books, scrapbooks, journals, etc. It's crazy and overwhelming and i LOVE IT!


TheParisApartment said...

oh we HAVE to shoot your place professionally...for the book! you are amazing and thank you so much for being my friend! i love you beautiful lady! xoxox c

Yazzy Fresh said...

Carolyn Park you are AMAZING!! Everything you do is just FAB! Love it and LOVE YOU! Keep doin your thing girly!

Yazzy Fresh said...

Carolyn Park you are an AMAZING lady! Everything you do is FAB! Keep doing your thing lady!! LOVE IT AND LOVE YOU!

LobotoME said...

my poster looks so cute on your wall! glad you love it!
hope you are feeling better!
xo, J :)