Sunday, April 8, 2007

Le Nouveau

Hello, my darlings. Welcome to my new blog. I've decided that Yahoo Sitebuilder, though user-friendly, is geared more towards business websites and not just your average blog. And since I am a broke law student, I decided that paying a monthly fee, no matter how small it may be, for a teeny space to write some words was pretty stupid. So here i am.
I am thankful to God that I am alive despite driving in the most ridiculous April weather in TX history. Rain, hail, freezing rain, snow? Really? All I did was drive 210 miles north. Sheesh. Luckily I had "Eat Pray Love" on audiobook to keep me company, and my POS CD player decided to crap out in the last 45 minutes. Good thing I had the awesome 106.1 KISS F.M. (note: sarcasm) to keep me going. When did radio get so... awful? Damn ClearChannel. Anyway, I made it into Dallas in just enough time to swing by Central Market so that I could cook my parents a delicious dinner. The place was packed, of course, because Texans assume the worst is always coming when the weather's not a sunny 100 degrees, and as a result, CM was unable to deliver. e.g. Jiffy cornbread mix. e.g. my favorite blend of chili seasoning. So i had to improvise a bit, and as a result, my chili & cornbread combo was not quite what I had hoped it would be. Definitely not what it could have been. Good thing my parents aren't the pickiest. :-)
Oh gosh i realllllllly hope my CD player decides to start working on my drive home tomorrow. 3.5 hours of driving time with no decent music selection or my lovely Elizabeth Gilbert telling me of her soul-searching journey through Italy, India, and Indonesia? Say it isn't so.
Casually mentioned that I'm planning to go on a mini-vacay to Costa Rica in August post-work, class, and MPRE over dinner tonight. Expecting my mom to tell me to "dream on," I was more than pleasantly surprised when she wanted more details. I told her: Costa Rica, yoga retreat, expensive. She said, "Who are you going with?" I said, "By myself..." And then she had problems. But I assured her that others from Austin would be going as well, and I would be staying inside a resort the entire time. She is supportive of the yoga habit. I'm thrilled. Now the question is, do I stay in a standard room or do I stay in the slightly more inexpensive tentalow (literally a tent in the middle of a rainforest. but a nice tent.. you know with carpeting and stuff)? I'm leaning towards standard room... mainly b/c I feel that I'm going to need more than netting separating me from the animals/insects/creaturesofthenight if I'm ever going to find my center.

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