Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I think it was a bit ambitious of me to think i could juggle 3 blogs. But i just enjoy making them so much that i couldn't help myself. Plus a friend of mine suggested that i start the beauty blog since i'm such a product whore that i might as well inform my audience of what works and what doesn't (at least for me). Really, i should be a beauty editor for a magazine. I mean really, i should be a great many things... none of which include the word "law."

This morning i read another chapter of "Give It Up! My year of learning to live with less," and in this chapter, the author gave up multi-tasking. It seemed like such an odd thing to give up, since it's not nearly as dangerous as, say, shopping or coffee, but it is equally as difficult. I am the queen of multi-tasking. Very rarely can you find me doing just one thing. A friend of mine once said, "I'd love to see you just sitting on the couch and watching the TV. No laptop, no phone, no nothing, just watching TV." I admit i haven't done that in quite some time, unless of course i'm in a movie theater or watching a movie with friends. But there is something to be said about not multi-tasking and instead, focusing on the one particular task at hand. It's true that when i multitask, i tend to pay less attention to each thing i'm doing and fail to listen or learn (e.g. when i'm studying and chatting). Lately i've been trying to not drive and talk on my cell at the same time, so i guess that's one step in a positive direction. I'm just so ADD sometimes that i can't just do one thing. Perhaps that's why my attention to detail has been a bit um... absent?

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Wait, you don't have good attention to detail? ;)