Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Moi!

Thank you, my darlings, for all the delicious birthday messages!! It's not even noon, and i feel beyond loved. :-)

I must say, i feel like this birthday is right up there with the one where i got Barbie's FABULOUS hot pink dreamhouse. I received some great news on Thursday afternoon. I am officially done with non-fun things and can focus all my attention to Costa Rica, Paris, London, Italy, Greece, etc. I've never felt closer to my parents, and the level of honesty and mutual respect between us is incredible. I think i've finally come to peace with the fact that my sister is married and despite that fact, she still adores me as her petite soeur. I have AMAZING friends who continue to support and inspire me. And even though i'm about 30 lbs heavier than i'd like to be, my eyes are always puffy b/c of these darn Austin allergies, and i most definitely have to take the MPRE again, life is tres sweet. And i'm uber thankful to the big guy above.

Happy birthday to me. :-)

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