Monday, August 20, 2007

La Dolce Vita

This past week has been absolutely divine. I've been in Dallas, not worrying about school at all, and having a heck of a time cleaning, decluttering, and re-decorating. When my parents moved into this house a few years ago, they didn't really have the time to fix it all up properly. So i've taken it upon myself to turn this house into a home. I've already done my room, and it's completely pinkified (though in a classy, not 12-year old way) and wonderful. I'm working on my sister's room/guest room so that they may have a pleasant stay when they come for Christmas. The gameroom has been transformed, as it was previously just a junk room, and now sports a new coffee table, booksheld and two chairs all courtesy of IKEA but i swear it looks like Crate & Barrel thanks to my touch. ;-) I'm re-doing my mom's desk b/c it's really hideous. I mean, she was using weird plastic containers to hold her pens, and really old outdated paper sorters. Yuck. I remedied that problem immediately and bought some supplies @ IKEA (where else?) and even painted one of the pieces and customized it with "MOM'S DESK." She's going to love it!!

Speaking of Mommy, she's in California right now visiting my sister and my bro. It's crazy how much i miss her already. I'm 24... will i ever stop missing my mom? Doubtful! She returns tomorrow, and my plan is to have the house gorgeous for her arrival. Who said i wasn't a good daughter? ;-)

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Miss Rachel said...

Hello. I found your blog via Hip Tranquil Chick (I was perusing some of her older posts the other day.) I like your blog and absolutely adore the title. What a cute name!