Saturday, August 4, 2007

Patience Is A Virtue

I'm trying very hard, VERRRRRY hard not to lose my mind. Currently sitting in the computer lab on the 5th floor of the loathed Tarlton Law Library, i am staring at a small sign in the window of the help desk that states: "BACK IN FIVE MINUTES. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE." That's funny. Because i'm pretty sure i've been sitting here for at least twenty minutes (that's 5 minutes TIMES FOUR!), and there has been absolutely zero signs of life except for the random guy sleeping on one of the couches outside by the window. Maybe he's the one who works here? Maybe he anticipated taking just a quick 5 minute power nap and instead got lulled into a deep sleep... Maybe i should wake him up? Maybe i should scream bloody murder because i NEED to get MS Office on my mac so that i can take my TWENTY-HOUR HOUR TAKE-HOME FINAL ON MONDAY!!!!!!!

Breathe.... breathing...

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