Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2 Down... Too Many More to Go

Taking a little breather (ironic b/c i'm so congested that i can't breathe at ALL) in between papers to blog. Do you know what's the most annoying thing about a cold? Not the fact that i can't breathe, not the achiness, not even the vast quantities of tissue that i go through. Those things i can all handle pretty well without wanting to rip my head off. But what i REALLY can't stand is the POPPING. THE FREAKING POPPING OF THE EARS. It won't stop, and it's driving me CRAZY! And this is a pretty new phenomenon with me, as it's never once happened in the States. Also this whole getting sick apres travel thing is also annoying and promises me a sniffly Christmas. Add to that a really frustrating (in this country?? NEVER!) situation regarding my medication and getting an American prescription refilled in the UK. Basically you can't no matter how many times the pharmacist you talked to on the phone assured you that you could. I wish people would either tell me they don't have a f-ing clue or they'd just SHUTUP b/c giving me false information, particularly when my ears won't stop popping, makes me want to punch somebody. Suffice to say, as much as i can't stand so many things about America and more specifically, AmeriCANS, i do miss the much more prevalent competency, consistency, and efficiency in the land of the free... (i can't believe i just said that)

That's all for now. Toodles!


L. Kuah said...

awww, i hope you get better soon! getting sick in a foreign country sucks, and i experienced a similar situation with the blasted cold when i was in London earlier this year. the "chemists" told me that i couldn't have a pounding headache, sore throat and sniffling ALL AT THE SAME TIME while i asked them which medication would work the best for me, and augghhh... i was so about to punch their lights out! at that point, i was so sick that all i wanted were meds... not crappy customer service.

hate to say it, but things aren't much better back here in the States - at least not with the ppl i've run into. bleh! anyway, get well soon :D

The Paris Apartment said...

How are you feeling? Are you back stateside? I know what you mean about America, Americans and American medicine!!!