Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gettin' Crafty & Project Paper

I kind of hate the word "crafty" because I think it denotes a sort of youarealame20somethingwhohasnothinginyourlifebutcrafts tone (although, HELLO, let's be honest - that kind of attitude is only held by those loser20somethingswhodonothingbutdrinkatbarsandactafool peeps... am I right??) ANYway, I haven't found another way to phrase it besides "being creative" so alas, here I go. I got CRAFTY last night (instead of SHRED-ing...) and beautified my planner pad. Voila my results! Sorry the pics are bad, but they were taken with my crackberry. :P

I made a little pocket with some scrapbook paper to hold my stickers and mini collages/vision cards, and on the other side, I just layered some pretty pictures and quotes over that fabulous wrapping paper Maryam used on my blogger holiday exchange prezzie (see here).

Also made some cute monthly tabs with leftover scrap paper (was inspired by what KW learned from Lisa Sonora Beam). Fun, huh?

Honestly, I'm not a very artistic person. So being "crafty" or "creative" or "artsy" or whatever usually just means putting fun things together to make something more beautiful. Even if it's just magazine clippings or silly stickers, I think these fun little extras make life more sparkly. And I'm all about the sparkle, yo!

Oh and what is Project Paper you ask? Well, I'm not going to tell you yet! But it's coming soon (nothing epic, just need more time to explain), and I'm really pleased with it. Stay tuned, mes amies!


MGS Fotografie said...

isn't that paper gorgeous??? I'm thinking about framing the sheet I have left...would look great with the coral walls in my office, n'est-ce pas?

Suburban Princess said...

It looks great! I love the paper!

Sallie Ann said...

Ok, this looks precious, and I thought about embelishing mine, but it's grassy-green and I just love it's clean, cheerful look. Also, mine has pockets in the front and back, so I tuck my pull-out vision board in the back. But, I really love yours and Kimberly's. Maybe I should decorate the inside sheet and see how I do with it. Too much glitter makes me nervous. I envy others though.

Oh, and I just finished Eating Animals. Wonderful book. Well done and just great.

Analiese Marie said...

So pretty! I love it!

And I don't think of crafty as being lame at all. In fact, it makes me think of super rad creative Etsy types! But maybe I'm just lame? Haha.

Globetrotting Cacti said...

LOVE your planner pad. Looks decorative, classy and inspiring... and that paper is divine (and would look amazing framed!).

Rachel said...

I didn't realize you wrote a post about getting crafty! & i titled mine "Getting crafty"! hahaha

stephanie alaine said...

it ALWAYS cracks me up when people with style, class, and creativity feel that they aren't "crafty" enough to be able to compose a project of this kind. first of all, you've done a REMARKABLE job, and second of all, you translate your style onto paper so well! layered and luscious! it's amazing. thanks for sharing this fun project! when i get time later tonight,i'll watch the video, too!
p.s. got your email, will write back ASAP! was in chicago when i got it and have been chasing my tail allll weeekkkkk!

TheAnalyst said...

Looks great! I just got my planner pad today in the mail (yeah, major deal due to tech difficulties from the lovely gift giver). Anyway, I haven't gotten crafty yet.

Oh and when I hear crafty, I have a different thought than you...sometimes it gets obnoxious as I go around singing Beastie Boys, "She's crafty. She gets around. She's crafty. She's always down..."