Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reality Check

It's time for a reality check.

I've had a heavy heart for the past few days, mostly due to the devastation facing the people of Haiti. But it's not just that, it's the fact that there is so much pain and injustice and poverty in this world, and we are so often oblivious to all of it (for example, while in DC, I caught a documentary on HBO on the Khmer Rouge... no words). I'm so guilty of being wrapped up in my own, perfect, shiny and pre-packaged American world. Last night I got myself uber worked up over the fact that I had to purchase yet another Apple powercord b/c mine gave out (again!). I fumed on the way to the store, acted like a total biatch to the salesperson who wouldn't just give me an exchange and fumed on the way back. And then I was like... seriously? SERIOUSLY? Get. over. yourself. Carolyn.

This morning was a bit of a disaster. I woke up late, my apartment was a mess, and the red light on my crackberry just wouldn't quit. I was cranky and annoyed and angry at the world. And then I got to work, opened my internet explorer, and got smacked in the face with various news headlines from CNN and the NYTimes. And then I felt bad. Really, really bad. For being such a friggin brat.

This post is more for me than it is for you. But can you guys do me a favor? Next time you see/hear me complaining about not being able to buy my beloved Chanel (b/c they are implementing a TWENTY PERCENT price increase - h8ers...) or my so-called year of frugality or my dissatisfaction with a work situation or ANYthing, please give me a reality check. (I also give you permission to smack me, but I feel most of you on't be down for that...) I need it.

And on a more positive note... Happy Almost Friday!!
(Oh and yes, I realize my blog header is miniscule... will fix once I get home. But yay for no extra white space!)


Anonymous said...

Everyone's life is different and we all have bad days, Carolyn. Beating yourself up over that fact helps no one.

THAT said...when you complained about the apple cord (which I would do, too), I almost said something (gently) on twitter, and then, she'll get it; Carolyn is self aware enough that she'll get it.

And you did. :) Beautiful when we can see ourselves -- even when we aren't so pretty. :)

Carolyn said...

Your having a bad day- we all do. Please know that you are a wonderful person- as Christine said you are very self showed that in your post. I hope the rest of your day and week goes alot better. Big Hugs!

Chelsa Bea said...

Somedays life just seems pretty overwheling, doesn't it. Sometimes the world's problems seem like they're never going to end. And no, they probably never will, but just try to help where you can and make a difference where you can, that's what really matters. The fact that you're even aware about the issues and trying to make a difference is huge.Just know that you're doing great, you're fabulous and tomorrow will be a better day. Bisous, mon ami.

Sallie Ann said...

Clearly we all relate to your post. I think it's important to not judge yourself too harshly. Problems are relative, and our reactions are usually genuine. That being said, it's so important to be both self-aware, and world-aware. Be mindful of your place in the world. You might be having a tough time, but we know...many know you as a really uplifting person. And for that, we are all grateful.

Kiki said...

I hear you, 100% all the way. I've been feeling the same lately: annoyed at my life and its stresses and difficulties when I have more than I need.

Instead of a reality check, how about a reminder to do something good for someone in a tough spot? Buy someone a coffee, donate to a cause, go out and volunteer for a Saturday. Might make everyone you touch feel better all around...

Pink Heels said...

Consider yourself smacked! : ) And there is more from where that came from. : )