Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carolyn's Oats

Admittedly, I am not so good at breakfast. Most of the time I don't wake up with enough time to do much more than start a pot of coffee, sip half of it, and then grab a piece of toast w/ pb or a frozen waffle. And embarassingly enough, before I changed my diet, I was often picking up breakfast tacos from Taco Shack or McDonald's mcgriddles (plain with no egg or sausage - like pancakes!) and hashbrowns (still love these, but I doubt I'll be eating anything from McD's anytime soon) on a far-too-regular basis.

So although I've been really good about cooking yummy dinners and even lunches over the past couple weeks, my breakfasts have still been lacking. Also, I find it hard to even get 2 slices of toast down in the morning, even when I have the time. I don't know why b/c I'm definitely hungry in the morning, but there's just something about eating that early that... freaks me out. I don't know. Does anyone else have this problem?

In an effort to raise the standards of my breakfasts, I hit up the bulk bins at Whole Foods yesterday and picked up some steel cut oats (had no idea what these looked like - how sad is that?), organic raisins, and raw walnuts. Last night, after dinner and The Biggest Loser (how lame is Michael btw??), I very slowly cooked a pot of these yummy oats, cooled them, and then refrigerated them. They reheat surprisingly well in the microwave (or gently over the stove), and are about 100x better than any instant or even quick cooking oats I've ever had. And they'll last me about 4 mornings. Genius.

Carolyn's Oats

- 2 cups of water
- 2 cups of soy milk (or any other milk you prefer)
- 1 cup of steel cut oats
- dash of salt
- maple syrup

- nuts, fruit, dried fruit, brown sugar, etc.

Combine the water, milk and salt in a pot and bring to a boil. Slowly stir in the oats. Reduce heat to low and cover. Simmer for about 15 minutes, stirring often to ensure that the oats don't stick to the bottom. After 15 minutes, add maple syrup and then cook on low for about 10-15 more minutes, stirring often, until desired creaminess and consistency is reached. Let cool and refrigerate. In the morning, scoop out desired portion into a microwave-safe bowl, heat, and then add whatever other toppings your heart desires. Thank Carolyn for this genius idea (that she stole from other people who probably had the idea first).


Phoenix Peacock said...

I'm like you - always rushing through my mornings and forgetting to eat a healthy breakfast. So what I found helpful for my oatmeal which is my almost always breakfast is to chop up nuts or other toppings (dried blueberries are AMAZING) on the weekends. I put a serving of oatmeal and toppings in a small storage container, one for each day of the week. In the morning I just boil the water and milk, pour, and head out the door!

Ellecubed said...

Your oats looks absolutely delicious. I just got some gluten free oats and I am going to give this recipe a try tonight with almond milk.

City Girl said...

I love this cook and reheat approach to oatmeal - it's how i got breakfast down 1L year when nothing, and i mean nothing, looked appetizing (I really did not like being a 1L btw). You coudl also use chocolate soy or almond milk and/or add cacao for a chocolate pudding oatmeal experience :)

shelly said...

sounds delish Carolyn! i love oats and what a great idea to cook them ahead of time :) you can also do the same thing with Quinoa- which is super yummy for breakfast or dinner!

Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

This looks delicious! I love oatmeal so much.

Artist said...

Fruits are always good for breakfast. Your idea is worth the work.

TheAnalyst said...

Glad you posted this, sadly my lack of cooking skills goes as far as oatmeal! Ugh, I never even knew what to add to make it tasty, but I never thought of maple syrup. I will definitely have to try it out.