Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fit for Fall: Detox Week Review (and Ramble)

Today officially marked the end of my one-week "detox" (I use that term loosely), and well, it didn't go so well.  I should say that today didn't go so well, the rest of the week went fine (more or less).  Eating 100% vegan again wasn't that much of a challenge, except that due to many factors, I just can't have the variety of food that I used to in Austin.  Because of that, I found myself eating the same things over and over and also not being able to find some of my fave products... that got annoying.

Still, it went pretty well.  After just a couple of days, I just felt less... bloated.  My clothes felt better on my skin, and I just wasn't as uncomfortable.  This is what I love about vegan eating!  As for the sugar, well I did crave it a bit, and tonight I caved in when my friend bought Sour Patch Kids at the movies.  I'm not ever going to be one of those people who gives up sugar for life, but all things in moderation, oui?

As for alcohol, that was surprisingly easy to give up.  I'm just not a huge drinker, and while I appreciate a glass of wine as much as the next gal, I can easily go without.

Tomorrow I'm going to brunch with my friend Will and that means definitely no vegan eating.  It also means caffeine (hello, coffee!) and alcohol (mimosas, anyone?).  But.  I'm going to try and eat as intuitively as possible (in other words, stop when I'm almost full instead of gorging because I haven't had cheese in a week.  From now on, I want to try and eat vegan when at home, and then make the best choices I can when I go out.  I've also started tracking my eating on, and I even got the iPhone app!  I really like Livestrong because you can find out how many calories you should be eating (whether you want to lose, maintain, or gain weight) per day, and it also breaks down the nutritional info of what you're eating.  I learned that today, I ate way too much fat (hello olive oil and Earth Balance), but not that many calories.

Now, enough about food, let's talk working out.  Over the past week, I had three cardio sessions (1 elliptical, 2 running) and 2 strength training (Fluidity and Pilates).  Honestly, that's better than most weeks, but I really wanted to squeeze in some yoga.  Next week!  Pilates was good - my abs are SO sore today!  I have really weak core muscles and since core is so important in both running and yoga, I want to attend Pilates regularly to, well, strengthen them!  I'm going to try more classes at my gym - Zumba, Xtreme Interval, Cycling - because that'll be the easiest way to fit in cardio and strength training.  I also want to get a heart rate monitor - do any of y'all have one?  I'm thinking about this one, but I won't buy it until I have a job offer (which will hopefully be very soon - fingers crossed!!!).

Fit for Fall...  that's what I want.  I can't lie and say this isn't about my appearance, my body, or my weight, but more importantly, I want to get FIT.  That means clean, balanced eating and loads of exercise, but also living life and enjoying it!  If that means a particularly boozey night or a greasy brunch, then so be it.  Who's with me??


FB @ said...

That's kind of the approach I'm taking.

I'm eating vegan (and vegetarian) when I can and making smarter choices (switching out to soymilk) and whatever else, but I can't go full vegan.. not yet anyway.

Suz said...

I'm with ya girl! I figure if I spend all his time and energy getting fit in the Fall then I won't blow it at the Holidays (hopefully!) I can't do the vegan thing- I can barely eat healthy as it is let alone having to worry whether or not it has animal products in it- although I wish I could. Maybe one day when I get rich and I can hire a private chef and not have to worry about it right?

Pamplemousse1983 said...

Good job! Even though you caved, I think the fact that you made it through most of the week should count for something. Especially since you did 3 cardio sessions.

I've been eating slightly healthier this week except for last night and lunch today :( I got an hour bike ride in Monday but nothing after that...I'm slowly trying to work stuff in, it should be a lot easier now that the weather is cooling!

PS, definitely do Zumba!!! You'll love it, it's soooo fun!

Danielle said...

Sounds good! A good balance is what its about. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Angela said...

Keep up the good work Carolyn.

I'd love to hear about these workouts and classes you are going to. Maybe you could do a couple of guest posts?

Steph I said...

My Naturopath has asked me to go on a detox again, and eliminate certain things from my diet for 2 weeks. While I do look forward to giving up wheat, caffeine, sugar, soy, dairy, and...alchohol – eek! – because I know it will make me feel so much better, I've been putting it off because I'm finding it hard to fit this all in my schedule of birthdays and big occasions!

Good on you and congrats on your commitment to getting Fit for Fall. You are my inspiration. My detox begins on October 11.

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Also looking at a heart rate monitor (that I can hook up to my iPhone 4)... off to google now. May be the kick to my-self that makes me really realise how unfit I am!