Friday, September 24, 2010

Missing Austin

Although I am undeniably happy to be back in the City, I am also starting to realize how much I miss Austin.  Austin was my home for almost 10 years, and it's the only place I'd ever live in TX.  I love its laidback feel, liberal tude, community feel and just right size.

These are a few other things I've been missing...

How nice people are.  Yes I've had moments with not nice people (including a woman who pulled up next to me, rolled down her window and yelled "YOU STUPID C*NT!!!"), but for the most part, people in Austin are delightful and happy.

Its perfectly petite size.  Getting across town takes a mere 20 minutes, and because I lived pretty central, I could get to most places I needed to go in less than 10 minutes (including work!).

That you can't get everything there.  This used to be one of my biggest complaints about Austin, but I now realize it makes you spend less money and get creative.  Also?  Sometimes I don't need to be able to walk down the street and buy whatever I find in a magazine (not that I have... yet).

The greenery.  My drive to work was along a lush and very green road, and I miss that.  Skyscrapers, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, and posh cafes are nice and all, but sometimes I just want to see some friggin' grass.

My apartment.  (Obvi.)

Central Market.  The best grocery store ever ever EVER, and yes it's even better than Whole Foods and Trader Joe's!

Texas thunderstorms.  We've had a couple of wild storms here (including a couple of crazy tornadoes that touched down in Brooklyn and Queens last week), but nothing like a real TX thunderstorm.  I used to open all the windows, turn off the TV, and just listen to the rain (with Lola at my side, bien sur).  It's still one of my top favorite things to do.  Unfortunately, here, we don't have much thunder, and I can't open my window because of my window A/C unit.  Ghet.  To.

Driving.  Windows down, sunroof open, blasting tunes.  Love.

Familiarity.  I knew Austin almost inside and out, and that was comforting.  I don't know the City at all (although I'm learning), and I realize it will take some time.  But sometimes I wish I knew exactly where to get for the best banana pancakes (Pacha), gelato (Teo's), late night queso (Kerbey Lane - the original), breakfast tacos (um, anywhere in Austin b/c that's the only place you can get 'em) and pasta (La Traviata).

Alamo Drafthouse.  Doesn't charge $14 for a movie, serves cheap and delicious food & drinks, has excellent surround sound, and has been the setting for many a fun times with good friends (including waiting in line for 6 hours for New Moon).

Jenny.  My irreplaceable best friend who is so like me in some ways it's scary.  Jenny and I parted on unhappy terms, but quickly realized that nothing can tear us apart.  She's been there for me in so many ways (think holding my head as I sobbed in my bathroom with 5 other girlfriends in my bedroom), and I miss her terribly.  Good thing I just got the new iPhone so we can FACE TIME!!

I thought I'd wait until ACL next year to return to Austin, but I think I'm going to need to make a trip before then.  I miss it too much!


Anonymous said...

I don't normally comment, but I am a regular reader of yours and I have to commend you on your big move. I recently moved out of LA to SD to go to law school (I know you're over the law thing), but the move hasn't been the easiest for me. I love the fact that you are trying hard to love your new city and that you admit you miss home.

good luck with your new adventures

Carolyn said...

Merci, Anon!! Admittedly it IS tough to admit, but now I'm just embracing and realize it's normal. Thanks for being such a fab reader!!

Gina said...

I live in Austin! Since March 1. :) Would love to meet a fellow blogger if and when you make it to Austin. If you're up for it. :)