Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sunday. I am not watching the Super Bowl.  No, I am freshly showered, in my PJs, sportin' my compression sleeves, watching Bones and waiting for my Korean food.  This is my kind of Sunday.

Today I ran 12 miles in Central Park.  The weather was absolute perfection - sunny and not too frigid.  I dropped off my stuff at the Columbus Circle Equinox beforehand and quite literally almost ran into Gideon from the earlier Criminal Minds.  Love that gym, but still not sure whether it's worth joining (more on that later).  Then I hit the Park, and while the 12 miles didn't exactly fly by, they certainly passed much more easily than any mile of mine has in the past few weeks.  I took the run nice and slow, tackled the Harlem Hills and felt pretty good throughout.  I'm feeling much better about February 20.

Saturday.  I had a lovely Saturday.  Brunch with my friend Will at Markt, explored the Limelight Marketplace (they have a Brocade Home showroom - see below!) and met up with our friend David for coffee at what might be my favorite coffeeshop in the city, O Cafe, where I had a yummy latte with insanely delicious dark chocolate at the bottom (see photo above).

Looking Forward. I have a lot going on this next week.  Dinner dates at Palma, Bar Boulud and Fatty Crab (not so good considering I planned to eat really well/clean for the 2 weeks before the Half).  Last 3 days of working out at Equinox.  Big work projects.  I'm looking forward to my Austin vacay more and more each day.  As much as I love the City, there's nothing like getting away.  I miss my family immensely and had a mini breakdown tonight as I thought about how long it's been since I've seen my Mom.  Mad flow of tears commenced, and it took me awhile to calm myself down.  Not being a 3.5 hour drive away can be really hard to accept sometimes.  It doesn't help that Roomie 1 has been spending the weekend with her mom whose in town until Wednesday.  Luckily I booked a flight to Dallas for the last weekend in April.  It's not terribly close, but it's not too far either.

How do y'all handle being away from family?  Most of the time I'm so busy it's okay, but when I stop and think about it, I realize how much it sucks.  :(


Paula said...

Congrats on the 12miles! Sounds like a fun weekend

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Wow - impressive 12 miles run. Well done! Any decisions on the gym membership yet?

As for missing your family... no easy way around it is there. Just focus on the present, lots of phone calls, e-mails and letters and your flight will be here before you know it. You'll gets lots of hugs to enjoy. Hang in there.

Suz said...

I talk to my mom everynight...she is my last call of the day and that helps us stay connected.

Oh and you probably already know this, but you are one of my favorite blogs! I gave you an award on my blog...

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Extremely lovely! :)

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Brie said...

Where are you, little tomato? I miss your posts!! :)