Friday, February 4, 2011

Fear & Equinox

Long time no write.  I know.  Life's been busy, per usual, but really, I've just been scared to write what I'm about to write.

The Austin Half-Marathon is now less than 3 weeks away.  Actually, it's only 2 weeks and a few days away.  And I am scared.

Terrified, really.  Because I don't feel prepared at all despite weeks and weeks of training.  It doesn't help that the last few weeks have been subpar, at best.  My training runs have been cut short, and as a result, my long runs have suffered.  My 10-miler last week on the dreadmill was a struggle to say the least.  This weekend I have 12 miles to tackle... 12 miles.  That's only 1.1 miles shy of the Half.  I plan to attack said miles in Central Park because I haven't been out there in weeks, and I need some hills work.  The Austin Marathon is scary hilly, and I can't force myself to the do the kind of hills on a dreadmill that I am forced to do when running in the Park.  So the Park it is!  Current forecast is most sunny with high of 36 and low of 32.  I can handle that.

Last night I started my 7-day pass to Equinox, the queen of all gyms.  I currently belong to NYHRC but have a number of complaints about it and have considered switching to Equinox.  Many of my work friends work out at Equinox, and one used to be a personal trainer there, so she scored me a 7-day pass to check it out.  Equinox does have a lot to offer, and last night's experience was more than pleasant.  I lifted weights with a coworker for about 30 minutes and noticed just how much nicer and easier-to-use all the machines were.  Also?  They were SO clean.  Major plus plus plus.  Then I pounded out 2 speedy-ish but painful miles on the treadmill (did 3 on Wed so had to make it 5), did about 15 minutes on the rowing machine (my new love!) and stretched. 

The gym is pristine, with the newest, nicest equipment, an awesome stretching area (the entire floor of the area is squishy mat material so all you need is a towel), and a GORGEOUS locker room.  Seriously, there were 3 people in the bathroom at all times cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  The OCD in moi really loved that.  They also use Kiehl's products and have a spa-quality sauna and steam room.  I have yet to use them, but once I do, I know I'll be hooked.  On top of that, I was there at the busiest time of day, and there were plenty of machines available.  I also hear the classes are quite nice, but I've yet to try them.  Oh and they have a boutique (dangerous) and a smoothie/burrito/salad bar.  Ridic.

Will I switch?  I've no idea.  The gym is, quite literally, twice the price (if I want access to all locations, which I think I do).  Therefore in my mind, it has to be twice as nice.  If my mom and sister are reading this, I know what they are thinking.  Why on earth do I need such a nice gym?  Especially considering my considerably reduced income and expensive lifestyle (not really, it's just more expensive because this city is so darn expensive).  Well, here's the thing: the gym has become an important part of my day-to-day life, and I want to keep it that way.  What better motivation than a nice, fancy gym?  ;)

I'm returning to the beautiful Equinox on 50th/Broadway this evening to pound out 5 miles.  There's not much else I'd want to do less on a Friday evening after work.


LikeyLou said...

Yes! Equinox is awesome. I have the all access pass too and it's so worth it. I've made a hobby of trying out new locations on the weekends. Also, I'm selfishly looking for a gym buddy to take classes with since they are kind of intimidating.

Anonymous said...

You're ready for this, even if you don't feel ready. You've trained for weeks for it, and if you've already done a 10 mile run, you'll be fine. It's about finishing the 13.1 miles, and you'll be able to do that, no problem.

Marz said...

You got this! :) You'll be amazing!! The adrenaline of being with all those runners will kick in come race day and it will motivate you to keep going. I am so proud of you. My goal is to run a half marathon! The longest I've ever ran is a 10k so I have a ways to go. Be sure and pass along any tips after your race :)

Katz NYC said...

I've been trying to out few Equinox locations in the city when I had one month all access pass due to attending a challenge and absolutely love them. Especially the one on Upper West Side, gorgeous. But yeah, I would not pay their rates right now. No way Jose.

Pamplemousse1983 said...

Just to give you a boost of confidence, by the time I did my 13.1 the only long run I had done was 9 miles. And I still did it! I wasn't so fast but the fact is I only walked for a total of 20 minutes...I was running/jogging the entire time. I was nowhere near as consistent as you have been with your schedule so I know you'll do fine.

In other news, it's snowing in Texas and I haven't had to go to work since Monday <3

Paula said...

Most training programs only get their trainees up to 10-11miles (with the assumption that if you can get that far you can finish a half marathon)- so you will be just fine :)
Plus as it's your first half (I think it is based on ur posts)- then you'll just have a goal to beat the next time (PR-Personal Record). It's no fun to kick butt the first time and then go down hill from there! You will rock this half! :)

As far as gyms go- nicer is better. I HATE gyms and only run outside and do cross training at yoga (bad I know) and in this east coast blizzard conditions I have done my share of ice skating instead of running (I mean I set out to run and then just slipped and sided everywhere). If you spend a lot of time at the gym and its relaxing for you- take the plunge. You only live once :)

TheAnalyst said...

You got this! Just relax and have fun!

Megan said...

I just joined a new gym that is twice as much as my old gym and I love it!! I look forward to going and just love the atmosphere.

stephanie alaine said...

those fears and nervous throught show up for EVERYONE a few weeks before the big race. my recommendation: keep running (whether the distance is as much as your training sched says or not), and start a gratitude journal. keep tapping into your confidence and keep tipping towards the positive. you got this. you have worked TOO HARD not to kick some serious austin ass.

funnily enough, i had an injury show up a few weeks before race day, and i dealt with it confidently, gave my full self to those training runs, and rocked it out, injury free on race day. it was a day i remember so vividly, almost like an out-of-body experience, because me, little ol' me, ran those 13.1 miles with confidence, ease, and grace.

you can, and will, too.
sending you MUCH love!

MoneyMaus said...

GOOD LUCK! I've never run a marathon since I'm not a runner, and I am totally in awe of you. You can do this!!! Just keep telling yourself that.

You make Equinox sound AMAZING. Wow! IF I get the job and move to NYC soon, finding a gym is going to be one of my TOP priorities. I'm a member at 24 Hour Fitness so I might try to transfer that and check them out...I don't know if I could give up my two fav classes, Turbo Kickboxing and BodyPump!

Lynne from NY said...

Congrats Carolyn! You'll have so much adrenaline going, no worries.

As for the gym, darlin' you are worth it. Life is very short. Never deny yourself anything, especially if it's good for you. Give up a dinner out here or there, drink a glass of water instead of wine at a bar. Google the internet for possible discounts. Fitness is important to you right now. Classy girl, classy gym. You'll meet some nice people and make great contacts. How's that for enabling?
Best of luck!

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