Monday, February 28, 2011

Half-Marathon Playlist

I've been meaning to blog about running songs, but I just kept forgetting. Once I saw a comment asking what I listened to during the Half, I knew I had to share, ESPECIALLY because I discovered my newest love, Justin Bieber, just before the Half when I saw him perform on the Grammy's with Jaden Smith.  Bieber's "Baby" was blaring in my ears when I crossed the finish line, and I will never forget it!

It's a bizarre selection of songs, I know, but the night before I left for Austin, this just seemed right.  I have a much longer list of "run" music, but I decided to cut out ones I knew I would skip. 

My absolute fave pump-me-up songs from this list?  Dog Days Are Over, Battlefield, Firework, Oh No, Let It Out, Commander, and Only Girl in the World.  

P.S. If you don't have the new Girl Talk album, you MUST DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY (it's free!).  It's the best workout music ever.


Paula said...

I will so have to steal some of these for my half end of March. My running playlist rocks but I need a few new ones to spice it up. My favs are "Just Dance" "Got to Be Real" a little Black Eyed Peas, and of course Katy Perry :)

Sef + Sariah said...

Fun! I always like seeing other people's playlists!

Paula said...

P.S. I tagged you in a post :)

BRE said...

YAY! thanks! LOVE it! "All of the lights" by Kanye West is a superb 5 minute boost!

Celine said...

Nice playlist Carolyn!
You and I have the same taste in music! :-D
Thanks for sharing!