Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Goals

HAPPY MARCH!!  I can't believe it's already March - 2011 is flying by!  I, personally, am absolutely delighted that it'll soon be Spring (even though Spring in NYC is still winter with a few random warm days).  J'adore all things bright, flowery, green and happy.  It was only fitting, therefore, that I decorate this month's monthly Metro card as such.

Since I started working, I buy unlimited monthly Metro cards.  The cards don't look any different than normal Metro cards so I decided that I'd decorate it with stickers.  The cards also aren't refillable so unfortunately I get a new card every month (so wasteful - darn you, NYC!).  Instead of focusing on the negative, however, I decided to recycle my cards by saving each month's, and in the end (not sure when the "end" will be - maybe 1 year?) I will make some sort of fun art with them.  Good idea, oui??  I thought so.  ;)  Anyway, without further adieu, voila my March goals:
  1. Work out 5x/week
  2. Eat clean (with 2 cheat days per week!)
  3. Less shopping
  4. More reading
  5. More writing
What are your goals for the month?

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Less shopping...yep, that's one I need to add to my goals too!