Monday, March 14, 2011

To a Good Week

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This weekend felt short, and I find it hard to believe that it's already Monday morning.  Nonetheless, I've already done my hair (ok, I just redid my bangs), made oatmeal (on the stove, y'all!) and sipped my iced coffee (may or may not have just poured myself a second glass).  And now I'm just... stalling.  Still need to do my makeup and get dressed and then begin what is bound to be a tough week at work.  I'm determined to stay positive, and for now, will remind myself of the fun I had this weekend...

Meeting dear friend at my fave wine bar on Friday night to catch up and discuss her upcoming nuptials 

Sleeping in on Saturday

Having some solo moi time on Saturday, spent leisurely running errands and window shopping

Learning our hot water heater is broken and realizing that I can go have a lovely, hot shower at Equinox post-workout

A fun night on the town for my friend Will's birthday (club in meatpacking, table & bottle service, so not my norm, but a fun change of pace nonetheless)

A not-too-hungover brunch at my NYC big sis' apt on Sunday morning afternoon

Buying a "goal skirt" on Sunday (I've never purposely bought an article of clothing knowing it's too small, but I wonder if it might serve as some sort of inspiration - it's a gorgeous skirt - and if it doesn't fit in 29 days, well then, I'll just return it)

Breakfast tacos for dinner

P.S. Thanks for the kind, encouraging words.  I know I'm a bit hard on myself, and I'm working on it.


Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounds lovely!

I have a whole closet of "goal" clothing. Sad thing is they all fit me last year. I'm determined to get back into them by summer time.

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Emjoyed reading this blog, just wanted to say thank you

Angela {Phit Chicks} said...

Hi Carolyn. I've become a regular visitor to NYC and will be back on April 1. Looking for something new - shopping, restaurants -- any ideas?

Carolyn said...

Hi Angela! Please feel free to email me and let me know what you're looking for so I can give you some good suggestions!