Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Le Weekend (in pictures)

I managed to squeeze in not one, but two nights of art journaling. Voila my Springspiration collage and fitness goals for the next 3 months:

My guy BFF and I are doing a book swap for February. He's reading a book of my choice, and I'm reading one of his. My choice for him is Eating Animals (bien sur), and his for moi is Anna Karenina. Admittedly I'm surprised at how much I love it and have found myself unable to put it down lately. Thank goodness for my new Kindle Touch - the hard copy is HUGE!

I've decided that fresh flowers are a new "must" for moi, particularly now that Spring is right around the corner. My room gets very little (read: ZERO) sunlight, so I need something to remind me of the beautiful outdoors. I picked up these babies at a corner bodega yesterday afternoon and felt very SATC-esque whilst doing so.

I hope your weekend felt long, luscious and full of creativity. Gros bisous!



TheAnalyst said...

Love having flowers around as a reminder of nature! One of my orchids just started to bloom yesterday. So lovely!


Mallory said...

Where did you get your precious Kindle cover?

Leslie said...

So glad you are blogging again! You were missed :-) Your vision boards are inspiring!

dissertation service uk said...

Seems like this book is worth reading, will be getting soft copy and give it a try. You surely spent a splendid weekend, keep posting for us.