Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week in Review & Weekend Wishlist (merci, KW!)

J'adore when Kimberly does her Week in Review and Weekend Wishlist. The practice of reviewing all I've done/accomplished during the week is satisfying and helps me see the bigger picture. And putting into words what I hope to accomplish over the weekend, particularly a long weekend like this one, helps me stay focused. And so, I begin my first WiR and WW post!. Merci, Kimberly, for the inspiration!

Week in Review
- 3 runs (4, 3, and 2 miles respectively)
- 1 upper body strength training mini session (must get better about incorporating these)
- 1 a cappella rehearsal (we are holding auditions and finally decided on our group, after hours of deliberation)
- 1 apres-work drinks celebrating my promotion (adore my coworkers)
- 1 dinner date with bestie coworker Pallas and bestie roomie Annika @ Serafina (surprisingly delicious - had a YUMMY strawberry basil martini)
- 1 lunch date @ L'Oreal 
- 1 real date @ Kuma Inn (Date went surprisingly well, but I don't think I'm interested. Still, it was good practice!)

*Weekend Wishlist*
~ Saturday Cookshop brunch (it's my fave/easiest brunch place within walking distance), hopefully followed by a long walk around the city 
~ 4.5 mile run on Sunday
~ Oodles of sleeping in and laziness
~ Art journaling artist date avec me, myself and I
~ Catch up on my personal email (it's appalling)
~ Send out a few snail mail notes
~ Make spicy three bean chili & vegan cornbread
~ eye doctor appointment
~ yoga! (preferably of the hot variety)


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