Monday, February 13, 2012

Life Lately: Springspiration, Dating and Bonnes Amies

I keep telling myself that I will blog more often. That I will, dare I say, blog regularly. That I will actually revamp my blog, find a focus, regain my readership, grow my readership, reconnect with my blog friends and jump back into the wonderful world that is the blogosphere. But then life gets in the way, and well, I find myself doing any and everything instead of blogging. #fail

Alas, I am here many, many days later. I am here to give you a quick update on my little life that I am loving so dearly. 

Springspiration: I am itching to buy spring clothes! So much so that I may have popped into the ginormous 4-story Forever 21 in Times Square last week in between social engagements, and one of the first things I found is the blouse below. How cute is that?? Love the bright orange pop of color. After spending less than $20 on it (less than $20!!), I wore it to work the next day and received a record number of compliments. Now all I want to do is shop for bright-colored sheer delights, among a number of other things. What's on your Spingspiration wishlist? Mine is forever growing, but I know it includes LOADS of pinks, corals, oranges, tangerines, aquas, emeralds, and yes, even some nudes. :)

Dating: Yes, so I signed up for And I have a date this Friday. My first date in... well, in a long time. I'm not keen on dating (and have this thing against straight, unmarried men - I know, it's bizarre), but I think I'm finally ready and willing to open myself up to it. Any dating tips?

Bonnes Amies: Since the start of the year, my social calendar has been jam packed. And since reading this book, I swear, I'm making new friends left and right. I even picked up the sales clerk at the Calypso in Soho last weekend (she just moved here from Austin and is this adorable artsy type; note to self: text her)! Most recently I got together with my dear amie Lesley who I met years and years ago at Kimberly's yoga and creativity retreat in upstate New York. We went to a pre-fashion week Nivea event where we ate blue cotton candy, hung out with Rebecca Romin and Jerry O'Connell and picked up many a tube of free lip gloss.

I miss y'all. A lot. Gros bisous.



Lauren said...

Love that top! I think it's good that you have been really living life lately, even if it means we all get to miss you on the blog. Sometimes you just need to go out and do things in order to have material for the blog and other areas of your life later!

Meghan said...

So excited to hear about your plunge, and wishing you would blog more about fashion choices so I can lust after your closet! :) As someone who did Match for a hot minute, the best advice I can give you is to look at every date as an adventure, or something funny to talk/blog about! There are definitely going to be some weird ones, but there will be some great ones too, so just throw yourself out there and give some guys a chance! And, it usually amounts to free drinks or dinner, which is awesome! ;)