Saturday, June 2, 2007


Is it really Saturday night? This weekend has flown by. Last night the firm indulged us in a boat cruise on Lake Austin, which was absurdly fun. Who knew lawyers could laugh like that? God i had so much fun that it almost scared me. Later that night i met up with my favorite graduates to celebrate big D's birthday. It was the first time i'd been out and drinking in such a long time. Loads of fun, but i cut the night short and proceeded to pass out cold by 1 a.m. Today i've been running errands, did some South Congress shopping and ice cream eating with my little Laoura... Btw, i am never stepping foot into Goodie Two Shoes again. The woman who runs the shop, and her employees, suck. They are rude, not helpful, and ugly inside and out. I didn't appreciate the treatment I received, especially since i was actually buying a pair of shoes. Where do they get off being rude to me? Not being able to stand in there any longer, i went next door to Therapy where i KNEW i couldn't afford a thing, and received the nicest treatment and customer service. It was there that i purchased a fabulous pair of black wedges made of 100% recycled plastic. They are also 100% recyclable so after i've worn them out, i can toss them in a bright blue bin along with my water bottles and milk cartons. Neato huh? I also got a great black wrap top on sale. I don't mind spending a bit more at places that don't discriminate against someone who may not be a typical-looking Austinite. Tattoo-free and carrying a Chloe bag is apparently a crime in some parts of this city, and that just ticks me off. That's not Austin. You're being just as discriminatory and snobby as those pathetic yuppie salespeople in uptown Dallas. Ugh.

ANYWAY... despite that petit incident, the rest of my day has been wonderful. I just finished watching, "Deliver Us From Evil," a documentary investigating the life of a 30-year pedophile Father Oliver O'Grady. It exposes the corruption inside the Catholic church, and it's just heartbreaking... I mean i've heard all the stories before, but wow, it's just incredible that something like this happens. The saddest part was when the father of one of the victims, a Japanese man married to an Irish woman, basically said he didn't believe there was a God. Once a devout Catholic, this man has lost all of his faith because of how the Catholic church has dealt with the entire situation regarding O'Grady, his daughter, and the thousands of other children who were raped. While he said this, his daughter sat beside him and burst into tears. She still has faith. She went all the way to Rome to seek some sort of help from the Pope (to no avail, of course), was plainly rejected, and still has faith. Even i have trouble understanding that one.

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