Thursday, May 31, 2007


Last night i rode a Segway all around downtown Austin, and it was soooooo fun! I was terrified to get on the thing, but after 5 minutes of "training," i was good to go. I sooo want one of these. After our rather long "ride," a small group of us went to Joe's Bar & Grill for some late eats and drinks. I got the mini burgers - four petit burgers on mini french rolls with gouda cheese. They were un peu disappointing, to be perfectly honest, but at the time i was so hungry that it didn't matter. Plus we all had a great time just chillaxin' after our hard workout. ;-) I was finally dropped off at my car, which was still in the One American Center parking garage, at around 11 p.m. As i started driving down the garage, i realized that my car was making some funky noises and that it was seriously pulling to the right. Great. Pulled over in front of the Stephen F. Austin hotel to realize that yup, i have a flat tire. GAH. Luckily the valets were soooo nice and changed my tire to the spare for me right on the spot. Now i have to figure out when and where i will take my car to get a new tire. But i have to be in court this morning for a hearing! AND i have an article due tomorrow. Who said working life wasn't stressful??

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