Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Day #3. Day #1 didn't count since i didn't leave the house. Day #2 was slightly unbearable. Day #3? I have a feeling this is gonnna suck. Too many things going on today... class till 5:30, Medley meeting at 7, and hopefully hanging with M after that. Called University Health Services yesterday to make a doctor's appt, as my cough has progressively gotten worse (plus Pony made me). Talked to the nurse and apparently everyone's been calling with the same symptoms - blame it on those Austin allergies! The cedar count is ridiculously high, and i just need to buy some Zyrtec (now over-the-counter!) and be patient. Well considering i'm wheezing up a storm and can't speak without coughing, and this has been going on for almost a month now, it's really hard to be patient.

Last night the Londy gals and i had a petit roomie reunion at J, L, and M's new pad. It's a darling house, tucked away in Hyde Park, and only minutes away. On the way home, S and i discussed how great it is that we all lived together in London and how close we all are now. I couldn't agree more. Living in a tiny prison-like dorm together in one of the most expensive, and at times overwhelming, cities in the world will either make you or break you, and i'd say the entire experience definitely bonded us in a way we could have never bonded here in Austin.

P.S. I'm never showing up to class early again.

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April said...

Ya'll are like the English Roses (from Madonna's book)!!

And hi...stalking again.