Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Pink Palace, Craftiness, & Anger Management

Above are pictures of the bathroom here in the pink palace. Kind of hard to see from the pics, but my faves about it include the gorgeous mirrored 2-drawer table, leopard print towels from Pottery Barn (thanks, Ma Soeur!!), and shabby chic hydrangea shower curtain. Things i don't like are the litterbox under the table (dunno what to do 'bout that one..) and my complete inability to fold my towels properly.

On another fun note, the black framed corkboard was a fun little project of mine. The black frame is from IKEA and is actually meant for pictures. But I desperately needed a place to post important messages and fun pics in my "office" so I decided to get a little crafty. Removed the original glass and bought a roll of cork board from Office Max. Cut out the oval shape twice (for thickness), stuck it in the frame in place of the glass, and voila! A chic and cheap corkboard! Now if only i could learn how to sew my own pillow covers and curtains...

On a slightly less upbeat note, i've been struggling with many things since returning to the States, and one that really got to me today is my anger. Well.. my anger and inability to forgive and let go. I can definitely be one to hold a grudge (a quality i don't admire at ALL), and though i've gotten much better about it over the past few years, i am unable to get past something right now, and it's really starting to affect me. This kind of anger is toxic, and i can feel its poison spread through my body. I don't like being this person! But you know when you get hurt SO badly that you just don't think you could ever forgive and forget? Yeah, it sucks. Still struggling with anger management... luckily i have great friends and yoga!

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Pink Heels said...

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