Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anthro Love

I LOVE Anthropologie. I use to DETEST it. When my girlfriends would gasp, "omg we HAVE to go to Anthropologie!", i would roll my eyes and make some snide comment about how overpriced and unoriginal the clothes are. I still mostly agree with regard to the clothing line. Yes, the items are cute, but they are ridiculously expensive and sometimes just a little too boring and "cute" pour moi. But their home decor stuff? Absolutely dreamy........

I love love LOVE it. These days i can't help but walk into every Anthro store i pass just to see what new, different, and innovative ways they've designed the store and arranged their furniture, bedding, kitchenware, etc. I would describe the style as.... boho chic i guess? It's definitely more bohemian and less modern than my apartment, but it's still full of color and eclectic charm. What i love most about it is that it's not minimalistic or TOO orderly. It's comfortable, lived-in, and charmingly cluttered. Seeing as how i will never be a clutter-free person i think that's why i love their design concepts so much.

I spent this afternoon at Mockingbird Station and NorthPark mall in Dallas. After perusing West Elm and scoring dining chairs for $9.99 at Urban Outfitters (woo hoo!!), i decided to kill some time at the mall in order to avoid traffic. That mall has an enormous Anthro, and lucky for me, they were in the midst of changing their home decor. Their current design theme places a lot of cute kitchenware in these mini, robin's egg blue, cardboard crates. The kind that holds berries and maybe even eggs. Anyway i asked one of the people working if they were for sale, and he laughed and said no, just for display. Later as i walked by he asked me if i really liked them that much. Yes, of COURSE i liked them! They were the most perfect shade of blue. He laughed, shook his head, and then handed me a few to keep. YAY! He wasn't quite convinced that i'd find good use for them, but i was in heaven. Free stuff from Anthropologie?! Score! I then chatted him up... apparently he's the regional design guy, and i asked, purely hypothetically of course, how one might get a job like that and if a law degree would be unfavorable. (DUH.) He said i really just needed experience in the arts or some way to demonstrate that i am creative. Interesting... Lawyer by day, design stylist for Anthropologie by... rest of the day?

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Caroline said...

Hi! Just wanted to say I LOVE those home decor pics and might finally cave in to my friends who are obsessed with Anthropologie. Thanks!