Monday, March 31, 2008

New York in a Nutshell

Arrived in the city around 7 p.m. Took cab to Will's apartment in Battery Park City, unwound a bit, ate pizza, chatted, went to bed early and slept beautifully.


Slept in, showered, and got ready to take on the city. Walked up Broadway into Soho, visited the CB2 store and various other treasures, tried to find the New Museum but was unsuccessful (partly due to my old NYC map!), walked over to Chelsea and met upwith darling Mili who went to Stanford avec ma soeur, got delicious Pinkberry. I helped her clean out her closet and was ruthless! Said goodbye and headed back to Battery Park City. I must admit that Manhatten has lost some of its appeal, and walking around only made me miss London that much more. Didn't sleep very well this night for some reason.. Maybe excitement over the retreat?

Yayy the day has finally arrived! Finished up packing and took the subway to Grand Central. What a gorgeous train station! I'd always heard about how glorious it is, and it reminded me of the romantic train stations in Europe. Successfully boarded Metro North train to Wassaic. Arrived at a VERY gloomy Wassaic station, but my excitement over the retreat made me giddy nonetheless.

The entire weekend was fabulous and more rewarding than I ever imagined 48 hours could be. What an incredible group of women. Students, mothers, daughters, writers, professionals.. We bonded in such a short period of time, and i don't think anyone was ready to say goodbye on Sunday. I know i wasn't! I walked away from the weekend feeling rejuvenated, inspired, calm and at peace with myself. On Sunday we all shared our top 5 take-aways from the weekend. These were mine:

1. I don't NEED to change anything about myself. If i want to change, that's great. But despite what others may tell me, i don't need to.
2. You can never stop learning about yourself.
3. I am special.
4. I can pull myself out of this depression.
5. Kimberly Wilson is still my #1 girl crush. (HOLLA!!!)

Maybe it looks dorky, cheesy, and a bit self-centered to everyone else, but i cannot tell you how important these are to me. So yay for a wonderful weekend, yay for all the amazing women i connected with, and yay for Kimberly Wilson!

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