Monday, March 3, 2008

Breathe and Reboot

Phew. The show is over, spring break is dangerously near, and i am pooped. It seems my body can't seem to get enough sleep despite doing nothing for the past 5 days but sing, eat, and sleep. Starting to feel tres guilty about my ridiculous lack of attendance in some of my classes and cannot wait until the rest of my early classes officially "end." Had a final last week, another this week, and a paper due on Thursday. Friday i drive to Dallas, and Saturday morning Momma and i fly to Cali. Can't WAIT to see my sister's new house and new puppy!! Plan to spend my short time there de-stressing at the spa, playing interior designer, and figuring out a way to steal Sofie (aforementioned puppy).

Quick weekend wrap-up: great shows, Will's delightful visit, tons of partying @ the Pink Palace on Saturday night, way too much booze, some end-of-Medley tears, and lots and LOTS of hairspray (my poor hair...). Got about 4 new interior design clients this weekend, which i'm tres excited about because i've run out of rooms to decorate in my apartment. I love having these outlets for creativity. Also plan to make a Medley scrapbook in the next few weeks and eventually a law school one. Hobby Lobby's got some fab sales going on this week. :-)

After having completely treated my body like crap for the past couple of months, i'm hoping that all this new "free time" will allow me to start engaging in regular yoga, exercise, and cooking. My body is aching for it. I hope you all had a great weekend. Wanting very much to hibernate this week as it seems that Texas is welcoming a second winter, but hope to stay active and productive. Thanks to those for coming out to the show!!

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Yamilee said...

Hi, Carolyn! I LOVE your new projects around your apartment-- love your vanity stool and the vanity itself itself is tres chic! It makes me want to get aplace of my own just so I can hire you as my interior designer! OK, that'll come in time. :) It was absolutely fabulous to see you this weekned in NY-- you are so gorgeous and amazing and I can't imagine this weekend without you. I'm wishing you a great week-- with lots of great forward momentum and some great self-care thrown in as a reward. Hope to see you in Miami some time soon! Kimberly's doing some workshops up in Boca (about an hour away) in June-- You should come so we can have a little HTC reunion... the perfect reward after your exams! Here's the link: