Sunday, September 21, 2008

DC Love

Bonjour, friends! I apologize for the delay in blogging, but I've been quite busy during my visit to the Nation's capitol. I arrived in D.C. Wednesday afternoon and have been going nonstop. Lots of fun lunches and dinners, Mogwai concert at the 9:30 Club, house party in Columbia Heights, fun orange beers on rooftop bars, a Tarjay excursion, and of course, my wonderful day with Kimberly Wilson. I leave early tomorrow morning and am sad to go... I wish I could spend more time here. My host(ess)s have been wonderful, and I feel like I've really gotten a taste of life in DC. My heart belongs in Austin, but I'm curious to see what moving to another city for just a little while would be like. DC is an obvious choice as I wouldn't have to take another BAR exam, but I fear I'd rather be spending all my time at Tranquil Space rather than at the office. ;-)

Right now J and i are sitting at a darling little coffeeshop in Columbia Heights (his 'hood), and i'm contemplating a iced nonfat chai latte. The weather's been absolutely gorgeous and has even dipped below 60 in the evenings. Today's been a perfect Sunday. Slept in, got a delicious brunch in Adams Morgan, and are planning to spend a couple hours here (him working, me writing) before the Cowboys game. I'm sending him to the watching party solo - am in need of some QT for sure. Plus he has Planet Earth on Blu-Ray, and if you haven't seen it, OMG it's phenomenal. We watched the shallow seas episode yesterday, and my beloved great white made quite the appearance. It's MIND BLOWING - you'll swear it's fake. Love love loved it. Want to convince my Dad to give me his blu-ray and Planet Earth DVDs since he has yet to open either!

I plan on spending these precious hours doing some reflection and goal-setting. There's so much to think about and plan for right now, and the reality is that my vacation time is over, friends. In just two weeks I'll be joining the rest of Corporate America... and i'm not quite ready. So I intend to get myself as mentally ready for the transition as I can. My next week is quite busy - quick trip to Dallas to get my kitty, then Sister and Mom come to Austin (and i get my Lola back!!), then just one short week before I start training in Dallas. Lots to do before then!! Oh and i've also got about 5 books I want to finish before then, too. Ya know, priorities! ;-)


City Girl said...

I will be in DC next week!! It's too bad we just missed each other as I am definitely spending a lot of time at Tranquilspace (it's been a stressful month so far).

City Girl said...

Sorry for the second comment -- what is the name of the coffeeshop in Columbia Heights -- I'm trying to find some new ones for my DC visits as my beloved Tryst is just way too crowded and popular.