Friday, September 12, 2008

My Life In Lists

1. CSI - Why no one told me about CSI before is beyond me - this show ROCKS! I can't stop watching (to the point where I made an embarassing visit to Hollywood Video to rent some DVDs and let's be honest, i might be making another one before the Hurricane hits), and I promise it only KIND OF has something to do with the fact that George Eads is HOT HOT HOT. (That's Nick Stokes to you CSI fans, baybeeeee. Apparently he's 41 but still looks damn fine to me (sorry, i don't know why i have to talk like this when it comes to male celebrity crushes but i just have to, ok?), which totally supports my theory that my next boyfriend definitely needs to be older. Yum.

2. Jen Lancaster - Am equally obsessed with her. If Nick Stokes is my new male celebrity crush, then Jen Lancaster is my new female one. Her memoirs (Bitter Is the New Black, Bright Lights Big Ass, Such A Pretty Fat) are comic genius wrapped up in a blonde-highlighted, tan, Lacoste, ex-sorority girl pink and green plaid package. She's a RIOT, and I insist you go out and read her books immediately. She also has a blog - Jennsylvania - that's quite entertaining as well. Sadly, while there are many seasons of CSI to catch up, Jen's only written 3 books and surprise surprise, i'm already on the last. Sad day.

3. Ike - No he's not yet another crush, he's the Hurricane that's hit the Texas coast this weekend. I went to Central Market earlier to get some provisions - bottled water, ingredients for spaghetti bolognese, beer, wine, the necessities - and wow, people really are getting ready for this bad boy. I'm UBER psyched to be forced to nest in my apartment for an entire 24 hours with a huge storm brewin' outside. Already removed most of the crap on my porch, brought Sylvie in (my beautiful white/pink cruiser), and like i said, will probably hit up Hollywood Video for some more CSI later...

4. Gym - No, i've not become a gym rat in the past week, but i have stepped up my efforts. This morning i managed to get into the gym for my "run" routine, and Wednesday i saw my beloved trainer, Deb, again. We're changing things up since clearly my body needs something different. The goal is to "shock" my bod so that it wants to shed this law school bulge FASTER. I've sort of stopped being uber depressed about the fact that i "let myself go" and have decided to be positive. My eating's definitely improved and considering i managed yoga, a workout w/ Deb, and some gym time this week, i'm feelin' good. Oh also finally bought and read "The Writing Diet" by Julia Cameron and LOVED IT. Go figure, that woman's genius.

5. Grooming - Is $34 WAY too much to spend on shampoo? I'm gonna go with yes... But people swear by this Kerastase stuff so I decided to plunk down the big bucks. With all this exercise (read sweating) i'm doing, i have to wash my hair daily, and it's getting uber dried out. So i did some research and decided that Kerastase Reflection Bain Chroma Riche is the way to go. (The fuschia packaging doesn't hurt either.) I've also finally visited my favorite spa, Milk and Honey, for a luxe pedicure (also costs obscene amounts of money but i don't plan on returning for at least 2 months... okay maybe 6 weeks), and tonight i'm getting my hair did. Woo hoo i love me some pretty time.

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