Saturday, September 13, 2008

Life Update

So... to say Hurricane Ike is a disappointment would be the understatement of the world. There's been NO rain, NO whooshing, NO scary moments. Boo!!! I could be out and about shopping, eating, and being all kinds of productive if i wanted to. But no! I planned a day at home and damn it, i'm going to have it. So, true to form, i've languished lazily in bed, flipped on the Food Network, and lit my favorite lavender candle from Aveda. Lunch is in the oven, and after finishing Jen Lancaster's third memoir last night, i've decided i'm going to re-read "Such A Pretty Fat" today. Cause it was the first, and i wasn't aware of how much i was going to love her, so i'm SURE i'll enjoy the re-read. Good plan.

P.S. Not having regular A/C over the past few weeks, what between being in Europe and being at my parents' house (where the A/C doesn't dip below 79 degrees despite the 103 degree weather outside), i've gotten thin skin! I used to sleep with the A/C at 75 (nothing's better than a chilly room and a huge comforter), but now i freeze my bum off. I guess my Dad got his wish, and i've built up my "endurance". Yay for lower electric bills?

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Pink Heels said...

HILARIOUS!!! My parents are the exact same away about the A/C. It is a sweat house and yet they act as if it is refreshingly cool. Are you serious???