Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Calling All iPhone Users!

I finally got one!!! Okay, it's not technically mine. A dear friend offered to send me her old 3Gs to use while I wait for the white iphone (who knows when that'll release). In my opinion, the iphone is NOT intuitive at all, but slowly and surely I am getting the hang of it. In the meantime, I am OBSESSED with apps, but don't want to waste money on bad ones. So please, let me know what apps are your faves and why!!


Suz said...

Yay! You'll love it! I went app crazy too, but now there are only a few I use regularly:

Words with Friends- start a game with me! my username is ncsuz

TapFish- it is totally mindless, but I am obsessed with this game

Facebook- but it SUCKS! It won't let me post status updates is is always crashing if I try to do anything other than look.

lastfm- I like it better than pandora which I thought was impossible

groupon- good deals

period tracker- probably TMI, but I love this app

Tweetdeck- I have to use this to post facebook status updates too now since the facebook app sucks

I have over 5 pages of apps! Email me if you want some more suggestions!

Suz said...

Thought of some more:
Lose it
And mobile rss

Yogadiva said...

My favorite app is Hipstamatic, and it is DEFINITELY worth the money! I am constantly taking fun photos with it. I'd always wanted a Holga camera, but didn't want to pay for the film or developing. Hipstamatic is the next best thing in my opinion!


Rachel said...

You will soon be addicted to it. No apps. Just the phone. And tweeting. And blogging via iPhone. Promise.

Crystal said...

my faves:
Evernote - I also use the mac version, ipad version and web version
ShakeIt Photo - does polaroid type photos
Shazam (it's a song-recognition app, so if you hear a song in a shop or restaurant, you can Shazam it and find out the name/artist)
Hipstamatic - love
Goodreads - I read a lot
Kindle - see above
iPeriod (me too, Suz!)
How to Cook Everything - LOVE it
Flip N' Drink - I'm a lush
Key Ring - scans in of all your rewards/membership cards, so you don't have to carry them
Doodle Jump - super cute game
Angry Birds - another cute game
Photo Hunt - a "find the differences" game
Flood-it - time-killing game
Just Light - just makes your screen bright white so you can use your iphone like a mini-flashlight
I used to love Gowalla but don't really use it anymore
Emoji free (yay, emoticons!)
Solitaire :)

Have fun!