Saturday, August 7, 2010

September Vacay

Alerted to absurdly cheap flights by, Ma Soeur and I quickly began messaging back and forth about a possible Cali trip for moi in September. Yes, I am planning to go to California over Christmas, but I am missing Lola like MAD, and these tickets were sooo cheap that the possibility of seeing Lola in a mere month was too tempting to pass up. (Not to mention the possibility of: cool evenings, a ginormous tub in which to bathe, gorgeous greenery and flowers everywhere, a hotel-like atmosphere, free delicious food... the list goes on and on.) Flights are booked, and I am spending one whole week with my beloved in early September. Also, my sis and bro-in-law were planning to go camping in Tahoe that weekend so guess who gets to join them? WHEE!

Voila pics that my sister's dogsitter sent today of Lola and her new favorite... stick. How can I resist?