Monday, August 23, 2010

Scenes from Le Weekend

Sorbet and live music @ MoMa Thursday Nights

I really wanted to take this home avec moi from the MoMa store, but it was a bit small.
Sad moi.

On the bathroom wall at MoMa... neat, huh?

Martinis (gratis!) at the hotel bar before dinner

Ma Soeur's artsy shot at Beco (seen below and highly recommended)

Ma Soeur's artsy shot on the streets of Williamsburg

Too much fun at the Museum of Natural History

I had an absolute blast avec Ma Soeur over the past few days, and I cannot WAIT until September when I'll spend a heavenly week in NoCal with my beloved Lola! Hope y'all had a fantastic, happy, love-filled weekend as well.

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Globetrotting Cacti said...

That looks like such a fun week-end (& those cocktails looks fab!).

P.S. My brother was at the Natural History Museum at the week-end (on vacation in the States). I have never been but he said it was well worth a visit. Have added it to my to do in NYC list!