Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In my opinion, the best cooks know how to cook from the heart, not the head. They improvise, they don't insist on strictly following a recipe, they trust their judgment, and they utilize leftovers! My Mom is this kind of cook, but I have never been so good at this. I've always followed recipes and allowed the leftover ingredients to go bad in the fridge. But after reading The Art of Eating In and seeing how good Cathy was at not letting a single thing go to waste, I've been attempting my own version of this uber efficient and cost-friendly style of cooking. And I'm uber pleased to say that it's gone rather well!

There's really no secret to it besides using your imagination a little bit (and not being a picky eater). Leftover mushrooms from a dinner of sauteed mushrooms and polenta and leftover feta from a homemade pesto/feta/artichoke pizza both became great ingredients from a mushroom/feta/asparagus omelet (using Greenmarket eggs leftover from dinner party spanish tortilla!). Leftover asparagus from omelet made a great and simple side to my leftover spanish tortilla from dinner party, and today, leftover baguette from dinner party became an integral part of a super yummy salad of heirloom tomato/marinated mozzarella/fried bread all drizzled in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a sprinkle of freshly ground salt and peppa. (Below is pic of salad sans balsamic.)

Cooking this is not only fun, but makes me feel good about not letting things go to waste. Since I'm pinching my pennies today, it's tres important that I use every bit of groceries I buy. Also, I am proud to announce that I haven't ordered in since that awful time I was in bed with a cold and wanted yummy sides. WOO HOO! My tummy and wallet are MUCH happier.

What've you been cookin' lately?

P.S. I'm reading I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti and am loving it so far. Book review coming soon!

P.P.S. Did I mention that Ma Soeur is coming back to NYC for work tomorrow?? We are staying at the posh Hotel Indigo (home to a fabulous rooftop bar) and tentative plans include visiting the Barneys Warehouse Sale and a hip dinner in Williamsburg. Yay!

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