Friday, November 5, 2010


{photo: weheartit}
Lately I've noticed that I've taken on some characteristics I never thought I would.  Some of these are good, some are bad, but all around, I'm pretty pleased.


I've become a person who...
  • looks forward to going to work and doesn't mind staying late
  • smiles for the majority of the day
  • can't wait to go running every other day and gets upset if life gets in the way
  • is disgusted by smell and sight of meat cooking
  • writes 750 words most mornings before work

I've become a person who...
  • feels the need to eat crappy candy (Twix, Kit Kat, etc.) every afternoon (I entirely blame Hallowen)
  • thinks that puffy jackets can be cute 
  • drinks Coke Zero when it's around
  • can't live without her iPhone
All in all, I'm feeling extremely lucky and incredibly grateful.  Life is good.  I cannot complain.  And tonight I'm road tripping to the Cape for a cozy weekend w/ dear friends.  Have a good one!!


Carolyn said...

Doll! The good stuff is fantastic and internal so it will last a lifetime.. The "bad" stuff is not- everyone eats extra candy around halloween..just means you need to run more! Enjoy the Cape and see you next week!!! xoxoxo

fresh365 said...

Carolyn, when you live in New England / NY, puffy jackets HAVE to be cute!

Danielle said...

I think most puffy jackets are cute & I definitely have been eating too much candy since Halloween came & went. But you're running so a few indulgences here & there are ok! Have a great time this weekend.

Rachel said...

Damn this Halloween candy! I've been munching on it for a week!! Help!! :P I need an intervention!