Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Give Thanks!

My Thanksgiving looked a little something like this:

{photo from www.korean-arts.com]

No, really, it did!  Maybe on a slightly smaller scale, but I kid you not when I say my Mom makes several dishes for every meal, even if it's just for my Dad.  She's a rockstar!  And I ate TONS of her delicious food during my short visit to Texas.  Oh Texas... I sort of miss thee.  I missed Super Target and Chick-Fil-A, but really, I think my heart belongs in NYC.  Shh don't tell!! 

I DID, however, miss Momma Park immensely.  It had been SIX WHOLE MONTHS since I'd seen her!  So, naturally, we spent every waking (and sleeping) moment of my 3-night stay together.  Highlights included: 
  • eating a LOT (korean stews, grits, biscuits, bacon, persimmons, beer, candy, coffee)
  • going for a run together - I ran, and my Mom walked with water bottles so I could loop back around and take a swig when I got thirsty - genius!
  • inhaling Chick-Fil-A post-run - it was just as delicious as I remember
  • SHOPPING!!!  Mom bought me a new suit (3 sizes smaller than my old one - hurray!), 2 blazers, and a darling skirt.  All for work, of course.  :) 
  • TARGET!  The clothes were tres disappointing, but I scored some Hello Kitty slippers and some majorly cute Christmas stickers.  (I snuck them into the cart and at checkout, my Mom gave me the "Do you KNOW how many stickers you have at home???" look.  But she didn't take them out.  :D
  • Plane rides to and from w/ my dear friend David.  Despite my ridiculosity and general high-maintenance when it comes to flying, we had a good time.  And saw Lance Bass and Harry Connick, Jr.!
All in all, I had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!  How was yours??

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Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike! I had the exact same post this morning :)

Your Thanksgiving sounds great! I'm glad you got such quality time with your mom.