Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November!

This morning felt just as Fall should. Tights, booties, and my fave Anthropologie coat. Chilly, crisp air in my face as soon as I stepped out of the door.  I'm loving it!  I'm also loving that it's November - prob one of my fave months of the year.  I'm excited that in just a few short weeks, I'll get to my parents.  I'm excited that I can officially start playing Christmas music (I do NOT believe in waiting until after Thanksgiving).  I'm excited that I won't have to get a pedicure until next year because no one but me, myself and I will be seeing my toes (although, I REALLY should get a pedicure anyway, for the sake of my feet).  I'm excited about the return of faux leopard coats, dark nails (currently painted avec Chanel Vamp), and boots in every shape and size.  I am excited that next weekend I'll be visiting Cape Cod for the first time and plan to make my famous (well, famous in my world) lasagna and a delicious, cinnamon-y apple crisp for my dear friends and I to enjoy whilst there.  I'm excited that I have a job and can spend the Holidays worry-free.  
I didn't share my October goals with you, but I did pretty well with them.  As for November, I'm still thinking about them and will share when ready.  I will also upload fun Halloween pics sometime this week!  I made a quite fabulous Rachel Zoe, if I do say so myself.  ;)

What are you most excited about?


Tracy said...

i'm excited about my diminishing cough, half day dat work for election day,changing leaves, the NYC marathon energy in city,yes, the dark polsh is fun (I discoverd essies dark brown Charleston ths year), veterns day off, better movies in theatres at this end of year, relatives from Cape coming to town for Thanksgiving, 5 days off to enjoy hanging with them. Yess, being a teacher has its perks!!

Rachel said...

I'm excited about Thanksgiving. It really is my favorite holiday! :)