Monday, February 27, 2012

An NYC Weekend

[I've definitely been doing a lot of this lately, and it's made such a difference.]

Totes forgot to do my Week in Review post, but I had such a lovely, productive, NYC weekend that I will do a weekend in review and work week wishlist, if you don't mind. :)

Weekend in Review
- fabulous brunch w/ friends, old and new, @ Blue Ribbon Bakery (It was my second time there, and I've decided I'm perfectly okay with not going back. The place itself is adorable, but the food is overpriced and mediocre.)
- baby shower for my NYC big sis on the Upper East Side
- The Met's member preview weekend for "The Steins Collect" gallery
- a surprisingly lovely impromptu Italian dinner with my roomie post-Met (we may have split a bottle of wine... yes, it was that kind of week)
- viewing (my first) of Shakespeare in Love
- a wonderful church service (minus the loud, annoying kids sitting behind us)
- a haircut and delectable brunch @ The Roebling Team Room (My second time, adn I will definitely be returning.) in Willamsburg
- solo Oscars viewing party whilst working in my planner and munching on my newest fave - Trader Joe's roasted veggie frozen pizza

Work Week Wishlist
- 3 runs
- goodbye dinner avec dear friend moving back to TX
- black tie optional party at which I will not be wearing a ballgown 
- weekly a cappella rehearsal
- potential TV appearance
- comfy Virgin America flight to San Francisco
- host fun and fabulous baby shower for Ma Soeur
- spend quality time in NoCal w/ Ma Soeur and Momma Park
- easy breezy redeye flight back to NYC


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