Monday, October 29, 2007

Afternoon Tea, Shopping Madness, & Yummy Lebanese

Bonjour from Londy! Today was a beauuutiful day here... sunny, crisp Fall weather complete with a sunset of around 5 p.m.... Yeah. Those days are getting shorter and colder, but as long as the sun stays, i am a-okay. Yesterday was not so fun - grey skies and drizzly rain alllll day, but my mood was not dampered in the slightest b/c yesterday morning, Ma Soeur arrived!! I picked her up from the tube station very, very early in the morning (like.. 8 a.m.), brought her back to the oh-so-fab Schafer House dorm and quickly opened the goodies she brought me from the States (Method cleaner, dryer sheets, Smashbox cream eyeliner, and a beautiful ivory leather Guccissima hobo bag!), and then we headed down Tottenham Court Rd. to get breakfast. After dining on scrambled eggs, buttered toast, beans, hashbrowns, and ham, we made our way back to the dorm to get ready for a day o'shopping. First on our list? The infamous Primark - literally the ONLY affordable clothing store in London, even after converting to $. Despite getting there right at opening time, the store was still packed. A few hours later we walked out laden with bags, caught a cab, and came back home to drop off the goods!

A little while later we headed towards Kensington Palace to have afternoon tea @ The Orangery, a darling cafe/teahouse by the Palace with a gorgeous interior and affordable prices. It was so fun!! There's nothing this girl loves most than shopping and afternoon tea with my older sister. :-)

Much, much later we checked into ma soeur's hotel in Westminster and headed to Noura, an incredible Lebanese restaurant with a decor that suggests much higher prices than what's on the menu. We ordered tons of small hot dishes, shared a main entree, and were sufficiently stuffed, although not quite so stuffed that we couldn't partake in the complimentary plate of desserts brought to us by our kind waiters at the end of the meal. A short time later i was back at the hotel indulging in a heavenly hot bubbly bath... yummmmm. Needless to say, i had a wonderful Sunday with my darling sister. The only thing that could have possibly made the day better would've been my Mom, but alas, one can only ask for so much.

While Sister's in Dublin, i need to write my 1500 word paper for EU Environmental Law, due at 11 a.m. sharp on Wednesday morning. How far have i gotten, you ask? Well i checked out some books from the library today. That's something, right? They have yet to be opened, but never fear, i have alllll of tomorrow. :-) Once a procrastinator, always a procrastinator!

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