Wednesday, October 17, 2007

TopShop... amazing. And dangerous - very, very dangerous. I stumbled my way into the massive, huge, world-class TopShop at Oxford Circus today and just about died. Bags, shoes, sparkle, 3+ floors, boutiques within boutiques, jewelry counters, and even a cafe! It was beautiful. It was not quite as cheap as I had hoped, but it was still beautiful. Oxford is just shopping heaven and only a hop, skip and a jump away! Seriously the location of our dorm couldn't be better. I love love LOVE IT.

And I finally got a lamp in my room so my "closet" corner isn't quite so dark. Choosing daily ensembles in the dark is not so pleasant. We also finally got a full-length mirror sittin' pretty in the hallway so that we aren't so clueless about the bottom halves of our bodies.

I am loving loving London. I don't even care about traveling so much; I just want to learn this city inside and out. Plans for the weekend include trying a fancy Lebanese restaurant, London zoo, Indian food, beaucoup de walking, babysitting for 4 kids, and enjoying the sun while it lasts. :-)


judd littleton said...

Make sure you take care of the bottom half of your body.

adia474 said...

Carolyn, your blog is too painful for me to read...brings back so many amazing memories! And TopShop just about did me in, I lived right around there too. Message me sometime about your whereabouts...I'd love to catch up!