Sunday, October 7, 2007


Hello from Munich!! I wish I knew how to say Hello in German, but alas, my German is pretty weak sauce. Nonetheless i have managed to make the best of my short time here in the land of Schnitzel. After spending a FRIGID night in the Zagreb airport, the girls and i boarded our tiny tiny plane to Munich very early this morning. A quick train ride later and we arrived at our hostel. A quick breakfast and brushing of teeth, and we were off to spend the afternoon at the Dachau Memorial Site. We were blessed with a gorgeous fall day in Munich, complete with trees of orange and red leaves, a crisp breeze, and beautiful sun. The beautiful setting helped make the Dachau experience a little less depressing, but it was definitely quite an emotional experience. What really got to me was walking into the actual gas chamber used in Dachau... i mean i was speechless. And then the pictures of the men, not the pictures of bodies piled up or of death, but just the profile pics of men who spent their time there, some even dying there. It was heartbreaking. How some people still deny the existence of the Holocaust and concentration camps is beyond me. Denial is a powerful thing, it seems. Anyway, it was an important experience and one I highly recommend to anyone visiting Munich.

After Dachau, Jenny and I ventured into a very traditional German restaurant across the street from our hostel to eat. We had bowls of creamy mushroom soup, fresh baked bread, pork schnitzel, french fries, and for dessert - fried apple beignets and apple streusel. It was incredibly decadent and rather tasty (the fried apple beignets were my fave). After gorging ourself with food, we hobbled across the street, took quick but hot showers, and tumbled into bed for a short nap. Sadly i was awoken only a short time later to Jennys insistence that it was time to get up and hit up Oktoberfest, and im so glad we did! No lines, no nothing. The place was like the carnival of your German dreams! Naturally we were there for the food, even after such a decadent lunch, and made a quick tour of the stalls before deciding on some long weiner hot dog sausage thingy for me and a fried fish sandwich with some killer tartar sauce for Jenny. For dessert, dark chocolate covered banana and my first candy apple. All in all it was a wonderful experience, even with the hideous drunks and aching bellies.

I imagine we will sleep very well tonight. Plans for tomorrow are up in the air.. i think i might forego the castle and spend mz last day in Munich exploring the city. I love exploring. The next time I write, i hope to be in the comfort of my own dorm room, tapping away at my beloved macbook instead of on dirty public keyboards. I will also post pics asap. Kisses, darlings. Ciao!

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